Monday, January 18, 2010

RIP Mrs. Iqabal Madai

Mrs. Iqabal Madai , the ex-wife of late President Sadat and the mother of his three elder daughters has passed away , she was 93 years old. She had been suffering from a heart disease and entered Maadi hospital from 17 years ago. Her funeral was held Sadat wedding-1940 today and she was buried in a cemetery she bought for her and her daughters after her.
Mrs. Madai’s daughters are : Ruqaya , Rawia and Camilla.
Mrs. Madai married officer Mohamed El-Sadat in 1940 , she was the daughter of the mayor and yet she married him. There are lots of stories about their divorce , the official one says that she could not bear his political activities that usually ended in jail where as the unofficial one says that the late President divorced while she was pregnant in her daughter Camilla to marry Jehan Sadat.
Either ways she was a fine lady for sure , I think she raised a fine lady called Rakaia El-Sadat.
RIP Mrs. Madai
Here are couple of photos for the late lady May Allah bless her soul including one with her grand grand children :)


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