Friday, January 22, 2010

Where Is Adel Emam When You Need Him ??

From two weeks ago when an Egyptian soldier was shot down most probably from the Palestinian side , we found Adel Emam suddenly  calling all the Egyptian artists and intellectuals to a stand in his theater to denounce the terrorism of Hamas. Some artists did go and it was flaming by nationalism for sure. The TV Channels aired the events so we can see how our artists are angry for the murder of this young man.

Now this week the country is facing floods and Sinai , Red Sea area and Aswan  are badly damaged as people there have lost their homes and some of them have even lost their beloved ones. It is logic that those people need help from everyone whether the government or the civil society  so I wonder where are our artists above them Adel Emam when Egypt really needs them !!!??

Nationalism means you stand to nation when it needs you , this is at least what I think.

George Clooney does not have the title “The leader” nor did he go and presented plays during the terrorism era in the hot spots whether in Egypt or in Algeria but he is going to hold a telethon today for Haiti ,the telethon event will include huge stars , real stars like for instance Brad Bitt and Robert Pattison along with a big list of singers and actors form around the globe. They are not from Haiti yet they are standing with miserable country and its people , some people will consider it a PR stunt ; well even if it is a PR stunt , it is not bad for the sake of the people of Haiti !!

Back to Egypt I can’t find single pseudo celeb whether a singer or actor ; even those from the UN organizations goodwill ambassadors speaking , even speaking on TV about the disaster in Sinai for God sake !!

Where is Adel Emam when you need him ?? DO not even ask , he is there when the regime needs him.


  1. Neither for Sinai nor for the National Cancer Institute dear..I believe this is another disaster.

  2. my dear lady imam is all about him---he is no clooney.

  3. You should check Wednesday's Al Dostor Slamming him for the same reasons you were talking about.

  4. Dear, why would we need such a person to make a stand or wtever ??
    I believe they are doing this for their own sakes , just to be shown and talked a bout, u know Typical celebrity attitudes :)

    Indeed, I don't think we should be expecting anything from them, not "The Leader" nor any one else ... you said it yourself " he is there when the regime needs him."

  5. 'Dear, why would we need such a person to make a stand or wtever ??'

    because it is an obligation and a duty as god has blessed him with aplenty, so it is his DUTY to give back to the people that helped him climb to the top!

    lets see what the 'kuffar' did just yesterday for haiti.

    leo dicap 1 million
    clooney 1 million
    giselle bundchen 1.5 million
    brad pitt 1 mill
    a jolie 1 mill

    and the list goes on and on...

    i also have a story about 'imam' a friend of mine was 'honeymooning' in the balearics (islands southern in southern.)

    when she got back (CT, USA) she told me she had met a young friendly couple honeymooning with them who were egyptian.

    here's what she said:

    'the bride comes from a famous family do you know them---the Imams, she said her father is the robert redford of egypt.'

    as we say 'el ird fe 3een bento ghazal.'

  6. *islands off the gold coast of spain.

  7. I have to say. This is a good question, indeed.

  8. Sudanese Optimist1/24/2010 11:18:00 PM

    Adel Imam has an atrocious humanitarian record.
    Much of his thespian admiration amongst the Sudanese (especially amongst Darfuris and Southerners) dissipated after his negative role in 'exonerating' the actions of the security forces that brutalised and even killed the helpless refugees who were sitting in in Mustafa Mahmoud park some years ago.


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