Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Hours Before The Big Moment "Arrived in Cairo updated"

  • The Cairo airport has turned in to huge a barrack from security forces still everything is calm for the time being which makes you wonder if this is the calm before the storm. Already at the moment of writing this lines ,the Friday prayer is being held and thus this may be why things are quiet there.
The 6th of April youth which is organizing the reception took in consideration that they may not let in to the airport and thus they made a plan B to transfer the reception abroad. The human rights organization has published a set of telephone numbers to be called by the recipients at the airport in case of any harassment. The telephone numbers are as follows :
0225758908                                                                                                                                          0122308443                                                                                                                                          0129295510                                                                                                                                          0120624003                                                                                             
Despite the fact that there are distinguished personalities going to receive her son ,Mohamed ElBaradei's mother won't be able to receive him due to her health. The opposition press is speaking about a strange coincidence as Imam El-Khomeini came back to Iran in February too , well I thought of the same thing while writing that post "will the Austrian airlines flight be like  Air France flight carrying change to all old nation regardless of the difference between the Iran and Egypt then not to mention the difference between El-Khomeini and ElBaradei !!??"
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Update :

1- I think you have heard that there is a delay in Elbaradei's flight , it will arrive insh Allah after 15 minutes I suppose from now.
2- Here are early photos from CAI from Arabist who is right now there. Arabist is currently with ElBaradei's family who are very proud of him.

ElBaradei's sisiter in law Mrs.Azza who is wearing a very beautiful T-Shirt I want to buy
3- Also here are more photos from 6th April youth members photos , you can see Gamila Ismail and Bothnia Kamel among them.
Bothina on the right

Gamila in the behind

4- Ayman Nour appears to be jealous from ElBaradei as he wrote today something stupid
5-More photos from CAI at the unofficial ElBaradei Campaign
6- Al Dostor newspaper recorded this quick interview with Hamdi Kandel and Hassan Nafae at CAI while waiting for him

Of course this was recorded earlier before more people showed up at the CAI
7-There are more photos from Al Dostor too .
8- Al Youm 7 published a photo from Vienna while departing
9- Al Youm 7 published photos for his family while waiting for the plane and photos for his supporters

Update#2 :
  •  More photos from the airport
  • The plane has just landed
  • The public is currently wild chanting long live Egypt
  • People at the airport are crazy and the man can't get out , already he has refused to get out through the VIP exist , according to the law he should get out through the VIP as a recipient of the Nile Sash
  • The security is delaying ElBaradei's exist
  • He is said to be seen leaving the airport after having a short interview with some TV channel
  • He has left in car waving to the people who went nuts trying to following him , ElBaradei lives in Dokki
  • Hussein Abdel Ghani of Al jazeera Arabic is estimating the number of Egyptians who recieved ElBaradei by 4000 !!
  • Before heading to villa on Cairo Alexandria desert road, ElBaradei tried to greet the people waving them from his car that returned back to the Cairo airport , his supporters tried to get on the car.
  • Surrounding his car
  • Now our Egyptian TV channels claiming that there were not hundreds if not thousands waiting from him.
  • Waiting for him to come from the VIP Lounge
  • Here is a video showing ElBaradei in few seconds 'about 1:01'

  • And couple of Photos for the man of the hour

Waving to the people on the other side
    I wonder if he imagined that he would be recieved in this way
  • More photos from Youm 7
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  1. Thank you Z for keeping us updated on El Baradei returns to Egypt. Really appreciate for all the photos and videos. We pray to Allah swt so that the journey for Mr. Mohamed ElBaradei to be the next President of Egypt will be a great success and all Egyptians will support him for a better future and country.

  2. get a grip!!!!! he's here for 10 days!!!!! erhamoo!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the postings..we live in interesting times indeed. Looking forward to watching the Amr Adeeb interview. Thanks again...

  4. @Anon: He will be coming back after a European visit to settle in Egypt. And this reception had to be done this way to send a message to him and to the regime and to all other Egyptians still pretending the matter is not of importance to them or those who are still sleeping. I hope this is the spark for real change for things to get better and for us to be better persons and care more for the future of our country


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