Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Abby This Is Bullshit

The people of Sinai especially at the North are extremely furious at what the Time magazine has published about them . The people there are thinking in suing the American magazine for that specific report.

The report as you can see above concludes one thing : The people of Sinai are disloyal to Egypt and will seize any opportunity to get rid from the Egyptian control. " Put several lines under the part dealing with choosing sides in any future Egyptian-Israeli war and we like Israel comment"

I do not know who Abigail Hauslohner did meet and interview in North Sinai but she Abi lives in Egypt and I wonder if she knows that not all the people there share the same views with those outlaws she interviewed.

Already I wonder if Abby has read the history of Sinai to know first it is Egyptian or not. For God sake we have been through this game before. She is speaking about school books that portray the people of Sinai as traitors collaborating with Israel , well I was educated in Egyptian schools and I can't remember any offense against those great people in any school book I had. I want to see that school book she is speaking about.

Hauslohner knows for sure that there is  no difference between that Egyptian mother she spoke to in North Sinai and the Egyptian mothers in the valley whose sons are in jail for no reason thanks to the emergency law. This is what the readers around the world should know.

Speaking about the good Israeli occupation days , I believe dear Abi forgot to interview those who tasted the Israeli justice from former Egyptian prisoners during the occupation years and how they were tortured !!

No one denies there are tensions in Sinai thanks to our wise government's police state policy there  , they think that what they apply in the valley can be applied in Sinai. I discussed this over and over here , in fact the whole media discussed the matter and yet the regime did not listen and this is the result : A stupid report full of lies.


  1. If Beduins had more national subconscious Sinai would be second Kurdistan.

    Egyptian history is a big joke .. I heard about it from 5 different young Egyptians, living in rich parts (Alex, Kahira).

    Sinai is historically Egyptian, hmm well Lebanon is also "historically" Egyptian :)

  2. Indeed. Sinai is historically Egyptian just as (so called) "Palestine" is historically Israeli.

  3. all arab and mslm countries are part of our united caliphate federation that ruled as a superpower for 1300 years. as for zion it is a lie, go get your maternal mt dna tested studies show that 75% ashkenazim are descendants of 4 sisters from rhine basin not middle-east. and also y dna shows no male line either : , dna prove y and mt dna jews not xclusiv from yacob/rachel

  4. Hidden hands try always to manipulate people and make them blame their fellow citizens for not being patriotic. Egypt is a land where several races have mixed. It has always been a land of prosperity and safety. Sinai has always been a part of Egypt. Jews always try to "prove" that Palestine and Sinai is theirs, but they will never succeed since it is completely wrong. They pretend they have the right to judge other people because they are the "chosen people". If they were the "chosen people", then it is a honour they lost a very long time ago. Finally, I know they try to pull the people of Sinai towards them, but they will fail as they have been continuously failing for 10 years.

  5. harvarddr, it seems you haven't even read the sources you refer to, since they actually refute your claim that Ashkenazim are of European origin.

    The first source states that:

    "We conclude that four founding mtDNAs, likely of Near Eastern ancestry, underwent major
    expansion(s) in Europe within the past millennium."

    "However, the very presence of the Ashkenazi founding lineages, albeit at low frequencies, in North African, Near Eastern, and Caucasian Jews, supports a common Levantine ancestry."

    "Likewise, the distribution of Hg N1b in southwestern Asia and North Africa (Rando et al. 1998; Richards et al. 2000) supports a Near Eastern, rather than a European, origin for this Hg."

    "In the Ashkenazi Jews, this approach enabled us to reconstruct a detailed phylogenetic tree for the major Ashkenazi Hgs K and N1b, allowing the detection of a small set of only four individual female ancestors, likely from a Hebrew/Levantine mtDNA pool, whose descendants lived in Europe and carried forward their particular mtDNA variants to 3,500,000 individuals in a time frame of 2 millennia."

    The second source states that:

    "The most frequent Cohanim lineage (46.1%) is marked by the recently reported P58 T->C mutation, which is prevalent in the Near East."

    "These results support the hypothesis of a common origin of the CMH in the Near East well before the dispersion of the Jewish people into separate communities, and indicate that the majority of contemporary Jewish priests descend from a limited number of paternal lineages."

  6. @Joel: read The Invention of the Jewish Ppl and enough with that crap. Who cares, get over it its no longer yours and even by Jewish religious rules Jews are forbidden from trying to form a country of their own. As for attempts to paint the bedouins of Sinai as not loyal to their country, Egypt well keep on trying, hasnt worked for how many years now?!

    Z i dnt knw why are you so shocked, its not a secret that most writers who claim to be analysts of MENA or experts or correspondents dnt know much about us and are meant to serve particular interests and very few are actually of honor and try to search for the truth. Its no wonder that while we in MENA are proud of our mixed races and religions that managed to co-exist for ages before the idea of co-existence was implemented in Europe and long before the USA was even discovered, they tend to view us as divided and talk about us in races, tribes, religions, etc. I've met Iraqis in the US who were pissed at the way all US news reports are dealing with them as Sunni or Shiatts, while they live mostly in same areas and many even marry from each other.

  7. my dear joel;
    you have fallen into the trap: the paper is old k mt dna[ashkenazim] is european/rhine basin, middle-east is l-m-n, this was not known when paper written 7-8 years ago.

    also large number of diverse men are behind cohanim debunking the whole theory about jewish male line.
    also no relation= zilch between ashkenazim and sephardim- cohen or not.
    conclusion : most ashkenazi jews are descendants of 4 sisters from rhine basin 1000 years ago k group,no middle east. rachel/jacob descent is a lie for both ashkenazim and sephardim.
    say hi to k group rhine basin. go back there not to palestine , imposters.

  8. Anonymous, I have read the Invention of the Jewish People and it is a total hoax. The writer twists and manipulates facts to fit his political agenda (he even admited this in an interview as well as admiting he was wrong on the Khazar issue). And no, Jewish law doesn't forbid us from forming our country, it's only some extreme and minor religious sects, like the Neturei Karta (which no one takes seriously), who say so. If that was true than what are all the religious Jews doing in Israel? And ever heard of the (religious) Jewish call "Next year in Jerusalem"?

    harvarddr, blah blah blah.

    Sakrquraysh, Jews don't try tp prove that Sinai belongs to them (can you show me proof?) since it simply doesn't belong to them and we have no claim to it. And we don't try to prove that (so called) "Palestine" belongs to us since it doesn't need proving. It is a historic fact that "Palestine" is Jewish land and that the Arabs stole it from us. Just like they stole Egypt from the Copts, North Africa from the Berbers, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq from the Christians, Kurdistan from the Kurds and Sudan, Djibouti, Comoros, Somalia and Mauritania from the Africans. In fact the Arabs (and Muslims) are the biggest and longest imperialist colonizers the world has ever known.

  9. You claim that the holy land of Palestine belongs to those who pretend to be descendants of Jacob (I am sure they are not even Israelites) By following a historical approach, we can see that:
    -From 7000 B.C (when Jericho was founded) to 1200 B.C, it was called Canaan and inhabited by Semitic people
    -From 1200 B.C to 1000 B.C, Philistines mixed with the local population, and "Palestine" appeared as a name in several Egyptian
    -From 1000 B.C to 722 B.C, Israelites controlled the Holy Land of Palestine.
    -From 722 B.C to 587 B.C Northern Kingdom of Israel was Assyrian then Babylonian
    -From 587 B.C to 538 B.C whole Palestine was Babylonian
    -From 538 B.C to 333 B.C Palestine was Persian
    -During the following centuries, it was Greek and local Semitic Dynasties were reigning
    -From 63 B.C to 330 A.D it was Roman
    -From 330 A.D to 640 it was Byzantine
    -From 640 to 1920 it was Muslim (and not Arab) except during two centuries (crusades)
    -From 1920 to 1948 it was British
    -Since 1948 it is controlled by those who pretend they are descendants of Jacob

    As a conclusion, it was a jewish land only for 5 centuries most of them were 3 thousands years ago, while it was muslim for 12 centuries. So I think you should think again when you say it doesn't need proving.

  10. @ Joel: I think u might take a second look at your own religion and you will discover that Neturi Karta got it right and you are just one of millions of brainwashed Jews. I know it is scary to think and its easier to just follow what you have been told but if you respect yourself and your religion you will do your own research and you will find the truth. BTW, check when the idea of having a Jewish state came about and what was the general stand of religious figures about that point before the Zionist movement. Trace the twisting of the Jewish faith and how it was turned into a tool for greed, imperialism and racism.


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