Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Did The Official Press Received ElBaradei ???

No official representative from the government has received Dr. ElBaradei despite his status except the representative of the ministry of foreign regardless of what the official media claims.

Now to moving to the partisan press well to the moment I wrote this post Al Wafd has not updated their online version , of course there is a division in Al Wafd party itself between those following its leader refusing ElBaradei and the youth who support him.

Of course independent Al Dostor , Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk are over the moon with the return of ElBaradei , already I read through twitter that their reporters are currently sleeping in front of his villa


  1. You forgot to mention how youm7 has been a disgrace with its covert anti-Baradie articles.

    What matters to me are the excellent reports in the int press :D


  2. لهذا يكتبون كلاماً لا يعني أي طرف و لا أحد يقرأه الا الحكام... بالواقع لا يقرأه الحكام لأنهم مطمئنون له!

    هذه الصحف سلعة ممتازة للف الأشياء... كما انها حلت مشكلة غياب المياه

    عن الصحافة - من رواية يوتوبيا لأحمد خالد توفيق


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