Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just A Handshake !!

The historical hand shake between Saudi Prince Turki El-Faisal ,the former Saudi intelligence chief with Danny Ayalon , the Israeli deputy foreign minister in Munich at the international security council from two days ago is making headlines not only in the Arab world but also around the world. We know that off the record there are lots and lots of handshakes but but officially this is like an encounter of a third kind.

Here is the big historical moment

The first high official contact from a third kind between Saudi Arabia and Israel. El-Faisal knows how bad he looks in his own country which does not have any official relations with Israel released a statement explaining the background of this handshake insisting that Saudi Arabia does and will not recognize Israel. He is insisting that this handshake should not taken out of its context as he did it to ease the tensions caused by Ayalon who apologized to the prince first.

Ayalon accused the prince of plotting to split the panel so he would not sit besides him " Saudi Arabia besides Israel" , the prince of course justified this by saying that he did not want to sit besides him after what he had done with the Turkish Ambassador."Now it is said that Erdogan of Turkey was there in the same international security meeting and yet he left after knowing that Ayalon was there."

Then Ayalon continued to harass the prince claiming that Saudi Arabia does not help the Palestinian authority " excuse me !!?" and the prince had to fire back with numbers of millions given to Abu Mazen forcing him to apologize !!

Ayalon, Ayalon , Ayalon .. can they choose much more diplomatic in Israel for God sake !!??

Anyhow the timing of the handshake and also the statement of the former Saudi  spy chief come in a very critical time. Saudi Arabia knows that Israel can use this handshake to continue its psychological war against Iran and Syria in the past two weeks. What is interesting is that our media paid attention to this handshake only and did not focus on what these men were talking about in this important gathering !

Side note : May Allah bless the soul of late King Faisal.

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