Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mohamed ElBaradei’s Interview to Dostor Daily

I am trying to keep up this man’s interviews in the media in order to have a record for everything he said. I think he did not change anything from what he had said in 2009 when he came back to Cairo.
This was the first interview  he done in Cairo after returning back , this interview was published in Dostor daily in what was considered as a scoop. It has been said that the two journalists who made that interview with him had spent the night in front of his villa at Garna compound so they could catch him whenever he comes out. “ I may do the same like them if I were in their place”.
This part from the interview recorded on Video , Dostor promised to upload the rest of the interview later.
I will not give any legitimacy to this illegitimate regime
Mohamed ElBaradei

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