Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Over His Dead Body

Israel wanted  Hassan Shehata to train its lousy football team "I swear if they get the Brazil's national team coach ,they will continue to be lousy" and the man refused the offer very strongly

"I will die and not train the Israelis even if it is the last country on this earth to play football"

and of course the media outside interrupted this as sign on how the Egyptian people hate peace and refuse the naturalization with Israel.

First of all you must know something before judging Shehata as anti-Semitic radical fanatic , Hassan Shehata's elder brother is from the 1967 missing officers whom we Smiling Shehata do not know exactly what happened to them during the six days war up till now. I do not know if the Israelis knew this very important fact or not but there is no way that he would go to Israel or even like Israel because of his elder brother.

This is just like his statements about the national team players' morale and religious commitment which were misunderstood "deliberately" as sectarian despite anyone who follows football in Egypt understood that the coach was attacking Mido and justifying why he did not include that loser in the national team again. Now if we going to tackle this matter from a sectarian view , I would like to clear some points.

I do not think that any club in Egypt will refuse any good football player because of the race or the religion and already in our league we got foreigners who different countries and religions playing.

In our national team history we had a fantastic footballer called Hani Ramzy who were among those players that made us reach the world cup in 1990, that player who is training now our Olympic football team is Christian , I do not know why people forget him.

Our national football team is not a Muslim only club but it is just the coincidence that made it so and I believe Shehata who pulled Gado out of the mud defying all the logic of those bastards in the federation can bring anyone to his team if he is good enough.

Stop attacking Shehata and attack those who really create the sectarian tension in the country.

Now I will end with a historical quote by the coach

I will not support Algeria in World Cup


  1. More lies from Zeinobia. Israel didn't want Shehata to coach their team. Sports commentators with Israel's Sports 5 channel simply suggested that he couch the Israeli team. There was no official Israeli request.

  2. My dear this news or these lies you are calling it have been all over the news for days around the world
    You can deny it as you want ,it does not matter because Shehata made it clear

  3. Platini is so f****** stupid, we need more Cantonas around (http://www.russelltribunalonpalestine.net/pages/The_Support_Commitee-1143887.html) !!

  4. My dear the link you yourself provided says so, not me:

    "The people at Sport5, an Israeli TV sports channel, say he [Avi Louzon, chairman of the Israeli football association] needn't look very far [for a coach]. In a campaign dubbed 'The Soccer Version of the Geneva Initiative,' letters were sent to international officials, as well as Louzon and Shehata."

    "Whether hope or hoax, 600 people joined the Facebook group supporting the appointment -- 'for the future of our children,' no less"

    It's a joke Zeinobia.

  5. Zeinobia,forgive me but I simply cannot believe it...!!!!They are not stupid to make such an offer that they surely know it will be refused.It reminds me of the huge propaganda made a few years ago when a rumour passed that Nancy Agram told Mahmoud Saad on his famous show that her dog was called Mohamed so he hit her ...!!!for weeks later the whole media had no subject but Saad denying it...!!!!!

  6. " I will not support Algeria in World Cup "

    What a shameful racist quote...!!!!! He cannot accept the fact that he was beaten in that match!!! It was the winner who was selected and his team simply did not win..!!!

    This is the second quote by Shehata that made me feel sick. The first was : " The selection of my team members is based on their relationship to God...!!!!" I am sorry to say it is a very cheap game indeed.

    To all Egyptian and Algerian chauvinists ,have a look here:



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