Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pal Sarkozy To Show His Paintings in Cairo

Oh oui, Papa Sarkozy is going to show his painting in Cairo as the second stop after Budapest. Paul Sarkozy is a surrealist painter and I think he is latest collection is inspired by his son and daughter in law.

In his own father mind

Carla in her father in law eyes

I do not think Cecilia inspired her ex-father in law to this degree. The painting of Carla is easy to understand  but you have to look to Sarko’s portrait to get how his surrealist father thinks about him.

The Sarko Let me decode the Sarko’s portrait : I see the Elysee palace down with children in front of it , also in the left I can see the faces of some men from the past , there is child in the bottom though , I think in Nicolas during his childhood. I see a tower on the right , it is not the Eiffel tower , it reminds me of tower of Babel somehow. There is a sea under Sarko and I see Sarko wearing that medal of honor in France in his ear and seems to be playing with the world on his finger tip !!!!!!!!!!!!

You must know that Paul is proud of his son and so this painting praises him I suppose.

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