Monday, February 22, 2010

Parade Chooses Mubarak As One Of The World's Worst Dictators

This is much interesting than Elton John's interview at least for us back in Egypt

Well he did not make it to number one and I think it is good for him as he used to be no. 17 in 2008 so there is an advance ; he became no.20 !!!!!!!!

Here is the complete parade list of world worst dictators 2009. It is not a surprise to find these names ,already they made it before in previous years.

These are my remarks on this list :

  • 9 of the top 20 dictators are from Africa.
  • 7 of the top  20 dictators are from the Arab World.

This is so sad. Of course Parade forgot to include Ben Ali of Tunisia.


  1. If we make an Arabic Parade Ben Ali should be number one, after Qaddafi of course. That is in my opinion, because Qaddafi is super. He is a phenomenon not a leader. Phenomenon that has a very long shelf life

  2. I’d take the ranking with a pinch of salt. Parade is pretty sustainable publication, but too many question marks around the author who compiled the list (he’s been doing it for a while now), and the methodology or lack thereof.

    I had no idea about Bn Ali till I visited Tunis a few months ago. I witnessed first hand the frisking and slapping around of a 19 year old collage student at the airport by a conscripted policeman. It was absolutely disgusting.

    It makes me cringe to think of the challenges my children are going to be up against if our region does not change.


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