Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rains and Hails

Today is a real February day , a real winter day unlike that strange summer weather that we suffered from last week. Of course today was a real tough winter day I believe many people have not seen from many years including me. Today there have been rains all day long in most governorates and also for the first time after many years we see hails , yes hails.

hails 2

The last time I saw hail was while I was in school where I touched for the first time in my hands. Anyhow there was a huge sound and light in the sky today in Cairo.hailsHails have reportedly showed several governorates from Alexandria to Mansoura to West Cairo. Of course Alex is used to hails unlike other Egyptians in the country especially in Cairo who suddenly found small icy stones coming down the sky in to their cars.

Thank God tomorrow is a holiday because I can't imagine how our streets in Cairo will be drowning with muddy water.

I know for sure that many people enjoyed the rains today , the air during the rain is clean and fresh ; an air that we have missed for a long time in Cairo but there are other people whom we should think about like for instance our follow citizens who are living in shanty towns or our follow citizens in Sinai who are facing a possible threat of new heavy rains in the coming 48 hours.

I do not have doubt that the recent climatic change has role in this year's strange weather , from one week ago the temperature in Cairo was 36 degrees in February !! Can you believe that !!?? And now we got hails !!

Photo source : Masrawy


  1. I'm originally from the midwest (USA) and we would get huge storms, with thunder that would shake buildings. Sometimes they would come in the spring / summer after a heat wave, and bring negative ions and a wonderful day after. I love them, so this was a real treat for me, and it opened the skies to an unpolluted city the day after. Beautiful and amazing!

  2. oh yes the clean weather , it was the only joy for me during the rain in this city


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