Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Samih Sawiris And Alexander Lebedev To Acquire The Independent

Samih Sawiris is not interested in old Khedival buildings only but just like his younger brother he is interested in Media too. Samih Sawiris is reportedly interested with Russian Oligarch Alexander Lebedev to acquire famous The Independent.   

The Independent is from the biggest newspapers in UK , of course it is famous for Robert Fisk. You can read more about its history here

Samih's brother Naguib Sawiris is among the owners of Daily Al Masry Al Youm ; he also owns ONTV and OTV.

Sawiris is not the first Egyptian businessman to own shares in Foreign newspapers , Rami Lakah who used to own France Soir


  1. Please post an article about what this "Khedival buildings" is all about cause I don't know an dit seems you have a beef about this. Maybe also you can consider adding a search functionality in your blog because I can't search for older articles. Maybe you write about "Khedival building" before but I can't find out because there's no search. If blogspot doesn't provide search, you can migrate to another blogging platform like WordPress.

  2. السلام عليكم
    انهم يتحاورون معي الآن على كرسي الاعتراف
    يستجوبون مدونتي
    شيء بقلبي
    في مجلة التدوين العربي ادخل و شاركهم التقييم كما تحب
    مع تحيات اختك

  3. I consider The Independent to be one of the most respectable British newspapers.Good news.

  4. Wonderful, after al-BBC and al-Guardian we are going to have al-Independent.


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