Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tell Me That This Video Is Fake

I know that there is huge illegal artifacts trade in Egypt since God knows when and it is illegal for me regardless what Ahmed Ezz and his gang say in the people's assembly.
I know that there is huge underground trade and even know some big names in the regime I would not dare to mention here in the blog without hard evidence involved in this trade.
I know that for sure but I did not know that there are videos on YouTube and also on mobile phones in Egypt showing our stolen artifacts.
I do not know if these two video clips showing below what appear as ancient Egyptian artifacts prepared to be sold are fake or not. These two videos are old , they date back to 2007.

Golden Coffin
Honestly I believe that the second video is for fake small statues especially the second one.
Small statues
I do not know if these comments on these videos are for real or not !! Some people seemed interested in buying these things which could be fake.
Again I am not sure that these video are for real authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts but I know as a concerned citizen I must share these videos with you. I wish that these videos are fake and filmed by a conman.

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