Tuesday, February 16, 2010

YouTube Against Fine Citizen Journalism

Today YouTube has disabled the upload feature for Tunisian activism website "Nawaat" for violating YouTube terms. Famous Tunisian and Arabic blogger Sami Ben Gharbia spoke about these terms he broke.

So YouTube considered the clip that showed how the poor kids in Tunisia smell glue as a drug "just like in Egypt exactly" violating its terms by showing drug abuse and underage smoking !!! Here is the awful clip

This is a fine citizen journalism work for sure. It is a document on the suffering of poor kids in the Tunisian society. Already when I saw this clip for the first time I was shocked because these kids are like just the kids we have in Egypt ; their faces and eyes oh God !!

This is the citizen journalism which YouTube is proud of promoting around the world !! This is a news report not an abuse report , the real abuse is to hide what is going in the society.

There are thousands of accounts YouTube should disable their upload feature and Namaat is not among them. I know it is all about politics and this is not the first time it happens but I do not see or understand what is wrong about this video !!

Ironically YouTube is celebrating its 5th anniversary when it fights serious fine Arabic citizen journalism.

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