Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arab Summit 2010

It is in Libya and Al-Qaddafi is officially the chairman of the summit for a whole year. He said frankly that he wanted more powers, he said that he want to represent officially the Arabs for the whole year and God knows what this means !!
As Arab people we know very well that we should not expect much from the Arab summits but this time despite the issues and challenges from the Arab world faces from East and West we know for certain that this time it would be like a big circus thank to Qaddafi !!
The man is living his Nasser moment for sure now , he is already taking advantage from the huge media attention to the summit so he would as usual take the stage. Already what he has done so far makes me worry :
  • Broadcasting the Nasserite era songs which praised Nasser as the patron of the Arab as if it were about Qaddafi
  • Those folklore dancing troupes and musical festivities in those 48 hours.
  • Allocating a whole channel for the big event , in fact allocating all Libya's channels to transfer the summit on air !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Arabs did not agree on the name of the summit this year except today when we found that its name is " The summit of supporting Al Quds Withstand" where as the Libyan TV was calling it " The Fatah summit" !
Anyhow the Arab summit 2010 Sirt has started and Sheikh Hamad of Qatar gave the big burden to Qaddafi who made fun of him !!
I have not listened to the words of Amr Moussa unfortunately which was expected to be the real surprise of the summit. I read its summary in BBC Arabic , the most important points are that he is not going to continue in his position and that the Arabs should study all options regarding Palestine including the complete failure of the Peace process.
Eradogan spoke what is considered the strongest word till now reminding us that there are Neo-Ottomans in the region.
There is no justification why Berlusconi  was invited or was given the opportunity to speak just like why he kissed the Qaddafi's hand !!
Ali Abdullah Saleh is kissing Qaddafi's ass to take couple of millions , it seems that Saleh has agreed to suggest Qaddafi's poor idea of Arab Union as if it were his own idea where Qaddafi would cheer and say "We are going to discuss this in the closed session !!"
As I said we do not expect much already because the big leaders of the regions are not there :
  • Mubarak is sick
  • King Abdullah of KSA will not step a foot in the country of the man who tried to assassinate him
  • Lebanon sent its ambassador in Egypt to Sirt because of the Emam Sadr case.
  • The King of Morocco Mohamed IV who heads the Al Quds committee did not come and sent his brother instead !!
  • The sultan of Oman did not come as usual
  • The King of Bahrain
  • The president of UAE who has lost a brother.
  • The Iraqi president and Prime ministers because of the elections
Already the absence of Mubarak and King Abdullah is playing a very important role in weakening the summit despite the fact we should not expect much from them too.


  1. After so many years of getting their independence the Arab leaders need someone from Turkey to remind them of what really matters?! Why arent all those so-called leaders attending a summit that is coming at a time of increasing intense for their ppl?! I do not care who is sick and who might have lost a bro, point is if they cant serve their ppl and fulfill their tasks properly then why are they still ruling?!!
    Im glad Moussa is leaving its about time this man steps down from this sham of LAS and do something for his ppl and his country. As for us the ppl of the region we know this summit isnt for us we know the reality of things but until we have the guts to change and take things into our hands well always be watching these clowns on TV talking about us as if they know us and our problems, while they only care for their own legacies and families

  2. Whenever I see or hear about an Arab summit, it reminds me of Dalida's song PAROLE,PAROLE,PAROLE!!!!!!


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