Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Beef In The Presidential Health Crisis

Is not it strange that we have this meat crisis in Egypt which all people are talking about when our president is having that health crisis abroad !!??

No, it is not a strange thing nor it is coincidence , this is a natural thing or shall I say an artificial weapon used by the regime as old heritage when it is needed. We have a major health crisis in the presidency palace then we must have this huge crisis about meat.

Meat prices should go up madly in a day and a night also Sarcocystis-infected meat imported from India should be exposed despite the involved ministries will deny their relation with this shipment “I bet some fat greedy NDP MP is behind” because people need to stop to think about the future of their country and think about their food they always do and should continue to do. I know that people have to be angry because of the rapid increase in prices not to mention the risks they are facing when eat something they do not know where it came from but the timing is more interesting.

For the record hats off to Al-Wafd for taking that disgusting picture for the infected meat.

Historically in 1970s people protested the increase in meat prices shouting against prime Abdel Aziz Hegazy saying what was memorized in our Egyptian history as :

Hegazy beh Hegazy beh the meat is for a gineih

Gineih is what we call our Egyptian pound in Egypt and yes the people were mad that the price of meat reached to LE 1 in 1970s !! Of course after all these years , just from two days ago on TV Hegazy claimed that these protests were set up by minister of interior then Mamdouh Salem who became the prime minister after him. Of course I can’t be so sure of this with all my due respect to Hegazy as Salem was from the respectable prime ministers in Egypt. Of course we can’t be sure from his integrity because after all this is the world of politics.

I wonder when the people will protest for the meat and not for the bread !!

I expect more crises to come in the near future as the government is increasing the prices of subsidized sugar and food oil not to mention the gas quietly. 

BY the way I read that Hashish crisis is still on.

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  1. Hashish crisis oh my God!!!!! Can I have Marijuana please? loooooooool


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