Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breaking News : Mubarak's Operation Is Delayed 'Updated'

Ok people the Mubarak's gallbladder operation is delayed for later hour today than its original time, may be they need to stabilize his blood pressure or sugar level, I do not know. Now Mubarak has delegated Ahmed Nazif to assume his responsibilities back home. The Mubaraks are currently in Heidelberg.
The Egyptian street and twitter are full of lots rumors which actually is a very natural reaction. There is something I should say , doing this operation in this old age is not serious , from 30 years my grandma's aunt who was older than Mubarak then did the same operation at Misr international hospital. She had a successful operation and she had at the same time high blood pressure and high sugar level. Of course I would like to share with you a little historical family fact , this late dear aunt whom I still remember had been suffering from gallbladder since WWII May Allah bless her soul.
Updated :
  • The surgery has done successfuly and the president is fine. He has talked to his family and the doctors at the intensive care
  • Mubarak will be staying there for the rest of the week !! It is strange because gallbladder operation is too common and people usually do not go to the intensive care or stay in it for a week but of course again we are speaking about 81 years old man.
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  1. Too bad it went well... Ah well. After all, it is God's will!

  2. In the case of any VIP or head of state everything must be overdone. So putting him in an ICU is expected just standard operating procedure for a head of state like him.

  3. As per Al Ahram today and because of the massive adhesions around the gall bladder and the presence of another lesion in the duodenum the President's operation was an open cholecystectomy not laparoscopic. That is a major surgery and in his age he needs to stay in the ICU for few days. God forbid..God forbid..God forbid..he might develop post operative pneumonia and die


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