Friday, March 19, 2010

Breaking News : President Mubarak appoint Sheikh Ahmed El-Tayyib as The New Grand Emam of Al Azhar

President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has issued his 62nd presidential decree for year 2010 from Heidelberg hospital to appoint Sheikh Ahmed El-Tayyib as the new Grand Emam of Al Azhar Al Sharif. He also made several phone calls from Germany to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia , to Omar Soliman whom I suspect is ruling us for the time Mubarak speaking on the Phone being , to Ahmed Nazif who is only ruling us theoretically proving that he can’t be a president and to minister of defense Tantawy to make sure  the army is fine along with Safwat Al-Sharif and Habib El-Adly. He also approved on the construction of a Christian orthodox Church in Helwan Governate

Ahmed El-Tayyib was among the strong candidates for the position since last week . Now I believe that presidential decree has been issued today Friday to send a powerful message to the Whole world : Hosni Mubarak is still alive.

And because presidential decrees nor phone calls to other Arab heads of states or ministers are not enough to dismiss all the rumors and concerns about his health new video and photos have emerged from Germany today in the news showing the President doing all these telephone calls. Of course his voice is so fragile in the video showing the signs of sickness.

Well this new video does not prove that Mubarak is alive only “even if this is debatable for some ”  but also it proves Abdel Latif El-Manawy , the head of the news sector in the Egyptian National TV is liar because he said yesterday that we should not wait for new photos for President Mubarak !! Also it proved that Mubarak is not an old veteran pilot with pride that will feel sorry for himself if he is filmed in the hospital in the bed with tubes all over him like what Khairy Ramadan , the journalist and TV host has said last night on the official Ch.2 in a very strange statement !!

There is no doubt that the regime knows how rapidly the rumors mill is moving in Cairo and all over the world now. Saving Egypt front’s official website is believed to be blocked by the regime after spreading some conspiracy theories about Mubarak and his first appearance after the surgery.

Insh Allah I will upload the video soon to the blog.


  1. thank god at least now all the rumors will stop and we will hopefully try thinking about our major problems and how to solve them

  2. you seriouly think that Mubarak solve the Egyptian problems? He is the one that create the problems for 30 years of his ruling and the only solution and answer to Egypt's problems, ElBaradei or somebody else but not from Mubarak family or NDP to run the country!


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