Monday, March 1, 2010

The Cartoon Of The Week : Where Is Gamal !!?

Where is Gamal Mubarak ?? I notice that he suddenly disappeared during ElBaradei's visit to Cairo last week. Even his visit to Fayoum was not that highlighted in the media as it used to be.

Of course now ElBaradei will be away from Cairo for about a month, Gamal has 30 days to use all kinds of propaganda magic to  make the people of this country forget that there is a man called Mohamed ElBaradei.


By Ahmed Abdullah

Al Dostor Daily

I am sorry for not translating this cartoon because it is hard to translate a hit by Ahmed Adaweyah that rocked Egypt in 1970s ;)Diga preg

BY the way Gamal Mubarak may be absent not because of ElBaradei but because he is happy that his wife is pregnant "Judging from the picture from Flash monthly magazine 15th Feb 2010 issue I would say that she is 5 month pregnant in a girl as Dija is more prettier than the last time I saw her picture"  

I hope that the coming little Mubarak whether a boy or a girl insh Allah will see the

light for the first time in Egypt and not in the States as its both cousins. I hope that the coming little Mubarak insh Allah will not have to inherit the bad legacy of his father or his grandfather.


  1. Let's hope its a girl ;D why would he disappear bec his wife is pregnant? What is he doing she's the one carrying not him :D
    Z you forgot that he made a statement alluding to El Baradie and his supports call for change as "rosy dreams" Im willing to bet if he was chosen for NDP to run for presidency he will be borrowing statements and ideas from those with the rosy dreams :)

  2. If the coming baby is a girl, is this mean that we have to change the Egyptian Constitution to allow the presidency inheritance to a woman …..!!!!

    Mohajer Masry


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