Friday, March 5, 2010

The Children of Fallujah

Shall I dare and wonder when there will be an international investigation and also accountability on this terrible war crime against Iraq !!??

A sharp increase in birth defects in the Iraqi city of Fallujah could be linked to sophisticated weaponry used by U.S. troops in 2004, it has been revealed.There has been a 'massive unprecedented number' of heart defects and an increase in the number of central nervous system defects in newborns, Fallujah doctors have told British-based Iraqi researcher Malik Hamdan.

Birth defects in Fallujah 'on the rise since U.S. operation' | Mail Online

Was not enough what the Iraqis had suffered from years of terrible siege !!?? I know how crazy and sick Dick Cheney and the rest of his gang were but I believe if President Obama wants a new page for real between the Iraqis or rather the Arabs and Muslims in the world and America  then he should present all those who are responsible for all these terrible war crimes not only in Fallujah but the rest of the Iraq to justice as war criminals.

This is the real step , this is the real change.

Even if Obama does not do this and he won't do it  because he can't , we can do it if we really want to do so through the ICC , we can sue Bush and Cheney as war criminals using evidences and witnesses if we want for real to restore back the rights of the Iraqi children , if we want to restore back their and ours dignity.

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  1. Zeinobia, how can you say that you want to restore the dignity of Iraqi children and of Arabs in general? Did you have dignity under the criminal Saddam? People like you keep the Arabs backward. You ignore Arab atrocities (south Sudan, Darfur, Syria's occupation of Lebanon, attacks on non-Muslims) but focus on American "war crimes." Just last week, Arabs (some from outside Iraqis) blew up a hospital in Iraq. Who are the real criminals? Those who brought democracy, or those who want to restore the caliphate?


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