Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Double Bill: Al Masry Al Youm Special Talk With Mohamed ElBaradei “First Part” And Austrian De Presse ElBaradei Interview

At last Al Masry Al Youm managed to interviewed Mohamed ElBaradei , of course it is after Al-Dostor. This time the interview covers aspects that were not covered in his previous interviews in the Media.He speaks about his father and his struggle against Nasser and Sadat regime , he speaks about his childhood and how he sees himself as Taha of The Days

You can watch the first part of the interview below right from the Oven :) You can read its script here.

First Part

Second Part

Of course the second part of the interview can be manipulated and used against him regarding religion and veil by the official media. For those who do not know one of the Mohamed ElBaradei’s sister is married to Ibrahim Shoukry’s son. I have predicted before that the regime will use religion against ElBaradei regardless if he is right or wrong. Positioning him as a secular Presidential candidate in the official media and its agents in the unofficial media can play dangerous role in a country with huge religious tendencies. We should not forget that from couple of weeks ago the NDP used its thugs and the Salafi groups to attack the first public meeting for the national front in Fayoum.

El-Gald is smart to ask about Mohamed ElBaradei the human we do not know but I do not know why I have to know if Mustafa ElBaradei used to spank his son Mohamed or not !!??

I think El-Gald could not find any question because let’s face last month this man has been asked all sort of questions from the silly ones by Amr Adeeb to the provoking ones by Mona El-Shazely

Anyhow if you want a serious interview with ElBaradei full of politics and Egypt then you have to read the English translation of  Austrian FM Ursula Plassnik’s interview with ElBaradei in Austrian De Presse Magazine.

Plassnik and ElBaradeiThis is the second international interview for Mohamed ElBaradei after his return to Cairo  , the first one was for Reuters besides his powerful statement which he sent to international press after the attack on his supporter in Fayoum

By the way are you going to sign the statement Mohamed ElBaradei had signed !!?

Side note: Shall we expect Magdy El-Gald hosting his own TV show soon like the rest of the journalists as it is the fashion nowadays!!?? 

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