Friday, March 12, 2010

Hopefully Büchler Is Not Lying To Us

So here is the AFP report about Mubarak’s health in case if you have missed it like me. Now I hope that the king of Pancreas Markus Büchler is not fooling us because our doctors do not buy his announcement so easily because benign tumors in the small intestine are very rare !!

Mubarak will not attend the next Arab summit in Libya in the coming , of course he will miss a big show there because the doctors have not said yet when he will be able to return back home and this is why it is distributing.

I do not have any doubt that the president’s health taboo is still there as all the newspapers and TV channels rarely speak about him or discussing the fact that he had a tumor that turned to be benign thanks to God. Well they do not speak , they are afraid to speak where as  the people are speaking in their homes wondering what lies for the future for them and for their president.

BY the way does the latest crisis of oil have to do with Mubarak’s dangerous surgery !!?? This is the game they know to keep the people busy in something away from our president who is sick. I believe it does and I expect more crisis in the coming two weeks till Mubarak comes home safely insh Allah.

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