Friday, March 12, 2010

Mission : Jail Wael

Suddenly with introduction Egyptian journalist /blogger/activist Wael Abbas has found himself in front of another new case that can send him to jail for 6 months , no I am not speaking of the case that he won its appeal last month. I am speaking about that new case of Telecom Egypt against Wael that he did not know anything about except when he found himself sentenced to 6 months in absentia !!

It seems that TE released that Wael was giving a an internet connection through “Wasala” illegally just like the rest of the country and decided to set an example from him through an absentia court rule !! Abbas was not informed at all except when he found that he would have to pay LE 500 and face jail time !! Now he got the appeal insh Allah to win. I do not know why TE does not go after the whole country for using illegal connections !!??

The regime wants to jail Wael and set him an example to all of us , it believes that this makes us afraid to speak and expose them , well it is a wrong guess

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  1. I don’t know Wael personally, never met him, don’t want to. My issue is that he’s a complete tool and utterly obnoxious. He basks in these situations and completely milks them to his advantage. I was just talking about him to an ABN desk manager who manned the Cairo desk for a couple of years, and he completely agrees. I personally think he acts the way he does to compensate for a small penis.
    Wael Abbas shut the F#@% up already.


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