Friday, March 26, 2010

Mohamed ElBaradei's Big Day in ElHussein

I knew last night that Mohamed ElBaradei was going to pray the Friday prayer in a big and popular Mosque , I though of all big Mosques in Cairo, Giza and even in 6th of October except ElHussein Mosque.

Mohamed ElBaradei has prayed this Friday Prayer at ElHussein along with 10 members of his campaign including his brother then visited the surrounding area of Khan Al-Khalili and Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Here are the photos and you can see ElBaradei surrounded by a huge crowd with no bodyguards or protection or a wall behind his back like some other people who prefer to pray in army Mosques for fear gatherings.

Last night Al Arabiya aired the first interview with Mohamed ElBaradei with an Arab non Egyptian channel in a big blow to Al Jazeera which avoided him for fear the wrath of Cairo. I think ElBaradei introduced himself to the Arab viewer. By the way I know one phrase he said in the interview would cause a big controversy

"I am the most famous  Egyptian abroad"

Which he said to cut it short on all those who claim that he is seeking fame after the IAEA. Well I prefer the fact that he is the most famous Egyptian abroad over for instance Zahi Hawas or football soccer. I want to know what Amr Adeeb's reaction after claiming that the man did not say that !! 

Now today Aida El-Kashaf began to speak starting another round in the war between Al Shorouk and Al Masry Al Youm. Already Magdy Gald promised to published the first interview in the Egyptian press for the woman behind Mohamed ElBaradei after his interview today  but it turned out that it was not the first interview for El-Kashaf as she had an interview with Al Shorouk last December which she requested not to be published immediately.

Most important facts about Aida El-Kashaf :

1- She is the daughter of a former head of lawyers' bar.

2- She was a Port Said language.

3- She is a Political sciences AUCian graduate.

4- She used to teach at the international school for 11 years in pre-school stage.

5- She does not want to be a first lady.

Ah and Mohamed ElBaradei loves Mokhalia :D


  1. I respect anyone who loves molokhia :D

  2. Thought you guys might like to see this - it's a video of ElBaradei in the streets yesterday:

  3. I begin to hope that real change could come to Egypt. My candidate for the most famous internationally would be Omar Sharif but certainly El Baradei is very well known and respected. Many thanks to Blogging Egypt for the video. Brought back many memories.

  4. The most popular & recognized Egyptian around the world is King Tut!

  5. Anon- You got me! I agree with you on King Tut but let's be fair. I was referring to live candidates in today's world.


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