Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mubarak Is Fine And He Eats Yogurt

President Mubarak is fine and ok after his gallbladder's surgery in Germany. He was kidding with the German doctors after the surgery, he also chatted with his family. He is currently in the ICU but not because of something serious as many believe in Egypt but because it is the protocol prestigious Heidelberg hospital follows with the VIP from kings and Presidents.

The press statement of Heidelberg made many people in Egypt suspect in the nature of Mubarak's statement as far I have seen today. The fact that doctors in Germany have analyzed a sample from the gallbladder stones and it turned negative , people thought that the doctors believed that there was something serious or to be accurate there is something serious and they are lying.

The official press conference after Mubarak's surgery

I am afraid this is not true , analyzing the sample from the gallbladder stones is a natural thing abroad , my mom was going to do when a friend of the family was us during her gallbladder operation recommended this step like in abroad but the doctor said that we do not need it.

Still the press release may indicate that Mubarak suffered a lot , really a lot and this makes me wonder why he waited all this time with these gallbladder stones which are dangerous in the old age !!? I think that he suffered from other problems in liver or any other part of the digestive system that led to these problems.

Of course the official media is happy for Mubarak and its icons have not slept yesterday because the President is sleeping in a hospital.

Mubarak today walked and sit on a chair in his room , he also ate Yogurt with honey. By the way Prince of Qatar has called him in the hospital to congratulate him along with other leaders and kings in the region. Strangely his friends in Israel have not called him or may be they did but they did not declare for the public's anger in Egypt due to the current clashes in Jerusalem which is escalating day  by day. Mubarak is expected to stay another 48 hours in the ICU before moving to regular suite .

Now moving back home, our prime minister Ahmed Nazif who is acting as our president till Mubarak's return thanks to the fact we have not have a Vice president yet. Of course Ahmed Nazif did not alert his schedule at all according to his new temporarily responsibilities , he did not even cancel his weekend.

I think that there is some kind of change here , our regime did not lie or hide as much as it can this time after realizing that now is not the time to hide facts. In the previous medical trips of Mubarak , Ahmed Nazif used to travel and Egypt officially had no ruler but this time we got the prime minister according to the constitution .

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  1. According to the first press conference, president Mubarak had adhesions and duodenenal polyp(s)in addition to the gall bladder inflammation and stones. Duodenal polyps are not unusual in old age. They are usually adenomas which are benign in most cases but can transform to malignant. So I think when his surgeon said the results were negative, he meant that the pathology of the polyp(s)were benign.


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