Friday, March 5, 2010

Mubarak Speaks About ElBaradei And Then Gets Sick In Germany

Angerla Merkel and Hosni Mubarak

I love the press conference of Hosni Mubarak in real democratic countries abroad because you can't control the journalists and tell them what to ask and what to ignore. Earlier today Mubarak met his worst fears that made him end his press conference with chancellor Merkel  , he was asked directly about Mohamed ElBaradei by a journalist from DPA about whether he was national hero and whether he would invite him to join the NDP.

The answer was as follows :

There will always be heroism among the people. The entire people are heroes. We don’t need new heroes from abroad. If he wants to join a party, he can choose any party. If he wants to have a candidacy through a party, by all means. If he wants to run as an independent, then by all means We should respect the constitution.

I hate to remind our president that he considered Mohamed ElBaradei a national hero when he awarded our highest medal of honor. Mubarak should not speak about the heroes of Egypt because in his time , the same heroes of the 6th of October war are dying for real because of his policies. Now regarding ElBaradei's candidacy I think that he forgot about the constitution amendments and the articles 76,77 and 88 !! Of course I must hint out that he was true when he said that all the Egyptian people are heroes , it is true and the proof is that we have survived 28 years from his rule !!

Now I think Mubarak's advisers saw this coming and he was taught this answer for similar questions. He was also taught that whenever the press conference would start moving in ElBaradei's direction , he should call it off. I also believe his hostess Merkel knew that and did not want to make her guest angry especially wit the investment opportunities coming wit him. 

Good smart question

Here is the video of the incident from Nile News ,of course this answer will be highlighted over and over in the official media as the final strike to ElBaradei as if Mubarak did not ask his hostess to end the press conference right after this question for fear some other journalist would ask him about his new unexpected rival.

Of course hours later we found MENA announcing that President Mubarak went to the city of Heidelberg to have some medical tests at the  university hospital of Heidelberg which is one of the medical centers in Germany . According to the official statement of the presidency the president would undergo some tests after complaints of gall bladder pains , MENA said he may have gallstones. Gallstones are common in the old age , my late grandfather had them and it was not serious , even its operation now is not serious at all but of course it will not be serious if you do not suffer anything else. Mubarak in Berlin  March 2010

Now for the record from couple of days Mubarak was in Bani Sawif from couple of days ago and he looked terrible , thinner than the last time we saw him on TV so I will not be surprised if that has to do to his medical condition whether it is the gallstones or anything else. 

I just hope that it has nothing with that ElBaradei question !!

Now the presidency must be honest with us ; has Mubarak suddenly felt the pain in Germany and this is why they had to transfer him to expensive Heidelberg clinic !!??? So he felt it in Egypt because he did then it would be a huge insult to us and also to Wadi Nile hospital , Al-Gaala military hospital and of course Maadi military hospital !!?? Gallstones operations are too frequent in Egypt and even if he can't do the operation , he can buy less than LE 10 tablets to end their pain !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I feel sad for Mubarak , when will he and the other around him above them his wife and son admit that he is old enough !!?? Why does not end his life as a real hero just like he wished for when he enrolled in the Egyptian royal army from more than 50 years ago and let it go !!??


  1. I really do think its both insulting and ironic that he seems to have issues letting real democracy and change in Egypt, and then goes to European countries to get medical treatment. If there is anything wrong with health-care in Egypt, it is because of him!

  2. Al-Ahram had to finally mention El-Baradei today.
    Here is the LINK .

    WARNING: Do NOT read the comments in the above link, unless you have a craving for throwing up!

  3. Mubarak did not say "We don’t need new heroes from abroad". He said "We don't need heroes from here or there"...


  4. عمى ابو علاء
    اسالك الرحيلا
    كفاية بقى
    وحل عننا الله يسعدك انت والفريق بتاعك

  5. If gamal Mubarak becomes our president, I will be ashamed to say I am Egyptian


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