Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Restoring Maimonides

The news of restoring and re-inaugurating Maimonides synagogue are making the headlines around the world these days , the synagogue from one year ago was in a Maimonidesterrible status if you remember and the NDP bastards wanted to buy its land but  thank goodness this happened during Farouk Hosni’s campaign for the UNSECO. Of course due to international and internal pressure the supreme council of antiquities saved the real historical synagogue and its school that are standing as an example on the harmony and tolerance this land has witnessed throughout most of her history. Moses Maimonides was the head of the Jewish community during Saladin who was born in Andalusia and lived till his death in Egypt .
The official re-inauguration of Maimonides Synagogue which was to be attended by Zahi Hawas and Farouk Hosni had to be cancelled after thanks to the on going clashes in Jerusalem , Hawas and Hosni could not tolerate the public anger if they appeared sitting next to the Israeli Ambassador whom I do not know why on earth he should be invited to such event !! Yes he is a Jew but this is an Egyptian Jewish synagogue for God sake !!
Zahi Hawas requested the Jewish community not to invite any Israeli rabbis or officials in the re-inauguration unofficial small ceremony that was held last Sunday to avoid any Public anger but of course according to Haartez Israeli rabbis have come.
I am proud that this synagogue was restored by Egyptian money and Egyptian expertise , this is part of our heritage.
Now I hope one thing that Zahi Hawas becomes more active in restoring our historical building , if it were not for the press and Hosni’s campaign ,this synagogue would have been demolished , if it were not for the Naj Hammadi incident , the re-inauguration of  St. Antony monastery would not be highlighted !!?? Why to wait for scandals !!??
I hope Zahi Hawas pays attention to our Islamic heritage , we got hundreds of ancient and historical mosques  and schools that need to be saved today before tomorrow like for instance Baibars Mosque which I remember that it was to be restored in a joint cooperation between Egypt and one of the former ex-USSR states I do not remember now.


  1. Fascinating, and I completely agree.

  2. that are standing as an example on the harmony and tolerance this land has witnessed throughout most of her history

    What has Maimonides to say about that in his letter to Yemenites
    Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase and hate us as much as they did, although we were dishonored by them beyond human endurance, and had to put up with fabrication .... now matter how much we suffer and elect to remain at peace with them, they stir up strife and sedition

  3. @anonymous, thanks

    @John, I will not enter in to endless historical debate with you but history says that Maimonides was the top physician of saladin in the most critical time in the Middle age heading the Jewish community where h built a huge temple and a school , I do not know what hate and degrade you are speaking about
    I know you hate us and believe me if I tell that I know you would leave a similar comment while writing this post

  4. Not to mention that the Rambam had to flee Muslim Spain because the Almohades threatened the Jewish community with the choice of conversion to Islam, death, or exile in 1148.

    Not to mention ibn Ezra who fled Muslim Spain in 1140.

    And not to mention the 1066 Granada massacre and many more massacres of Jews in "tolerant" Muslim Spain.

    The religion of peace indeed.

  5. Zeinobia:
    hmm if everyone who disagree with you must hate you ... the article mentions tolerance and Maimonides, so I just quoted Maimonides on tolerance with Arabs that's all
    full letter

  6. Michelle Maadi3/12/2010 02:57:00 PM

    Dear Zenobia, the Israeli ambassador represents the Jewish State and it is therefore fitting that he be present at such an event... as for the Rabbis, they belong to the Chabad current which holds Maimonides in high regard. One should not see politics everywhere... MM

  7. I dont think Spain, France, Germany or Italy have a better history with Jews than Muslim countries.
    In fact, the word Shephardim itself show that they were a community big enough to be identified. It is not Muslims that make them leave Spain, but Christians, following massacre, molestation and persecution. For your information, most Sephardim left Spain for either Morocco or Turkey or Greece (which was Ottoman at the time).
    I personally consider that Maimonides is a part of our heritage we should be proud of, while Western countries should be ashamed of what they did with Jews for centuries. It is simply because Islamic was far more tolerant, a fact that some people try to ignore.


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