Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shaza Omar Is Not The First One To Do It Live On Air

When Giselle Khoury left the LBC to Al Arabiya , Shaza Omar became the new Giselle who is going to occupy the place of the serious TV Hostess even she is not as powerful as Giselle. Now last week Shaza Omar has become the third TV personality in the Arab to resign on air and the second one to leave the LBE in this theatrical way after May Chidiac .
Shaza Omar's resignation is very interesting because she was from the few Muslims working in the official Lebanese forces channel who is currently owned by Walid Ibn Talal and News Corp.
Here is Shaza Omar resigning below

May Chidiac , the famous Lebanese TV hostess who survived a terrible assassination attempt due to her political view has resigned from LBC, the Lebanese forces castle due to difference in opinions. She left the channel in an emotional on air resignation.
May Chidiac resigns on air
May Chidiac was the first to resign on air in the Arab world where as the second one to resign on air was our controversial Egyptian sports TV host and analyst Alaa Sadek. Unlike Chidiac and Omar , Sadek's controversy comes from his firing opinions in sports especially football reaching to the level of ridiculing his enemies rudely in a disgusting way. Sadek's resignation was more theatrical than Chidiac and Omar as he trashed the channel he used to work in 'Modern Sports' so fiercely on air. He left the channel due to his war of the words with Medhat Shalbi , another sports TV host who should shut up forever.
Alaa Sadek resigns on air
I wonder who will be the next Arabic TV host to resign on air.

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