Saturday, March 6, 2010

Something Is Wrong

First we got Haiti's earthquake.

Second month later we got Japan's earthquake.

Third hours later we got hours later Chile's earthquake.

Fourth hours later we got Pacific Tsunami

Fifth days later we got Taiwan earthquake.

Sixth hours later we got a mini Tsunami in the Mediterranean.

Seventh today Indonesia had an earthquake.

There is a huge elephant in the room we should pay attention I am afraid , the big rich countries are responsible for all this before the poor countries. The greed for resources and domination is driving us to this. The rich countries are using their political and economic powers to escape the accountability and trying to fix this.


  1. how can they be responsible for Earthquakes?!!

  2. the big rich countries are responsible for all this before the poor countries. The greed for resources and domination is driving us to this.

    It is never to late to be a racist and blame all around ... I am rich I am responsible!

    I shouldn't be surprised when I realized from few Arab/Pakistani dailies that the U.S. had caused Haiti and that Israel was stealing organs :)

  3. زنوبيا
    ارشح لك الفيلم الوثائقى 2100
    فيلم مش طبيعى
    الفيلم بيفترض اننا فى طريق النهاية لأننا استهلكنا موارد الأرض فى القرن الحالى بشكل سريع جدا اكثر مما حدث فى قرون
    النكته انه بيبدأ من
    افتراض ان مؤتمر المناخ اللى يجب ان توقع فيه الدول اتفاقية للحد من الإنبعاثات قد فشل
    ويبنى القصة عليه
    الفيلم انتج قبل انعقاد المؤتمر بفترة
    المشكلة انه فعلا المؤتمر اللى انعقد فى اواخر 2009 فشل
    ربك يعلم يارترى السيناريو حيكمل ولا لأ ؟؟

  4. With most Natural disasters I would agree with you that the richer countries are more responsible than poorer countries. I would also agree with you for conflicts within regions. For hurricanes or forest fires yes, there is a link between global warming and the disaster. But I have never heard of a link between Earthquakes and the rising temperature of the earth. If there is one I will happily stand corrected. But Earthquakes come from the centre of the Earth, a part of the globe that even the rich countries have little to do with... actually volcanoes would also stand in this category... All the rich countries can do is offer money and help rebuild the structres that have been destroied. I hope that all the money given will be catch free... but we all know that won't happen.

  5. Well let us see what sequences of events will reveal
    1- On Sat.09 Jan 2010 California's earthquake 6.5 Richter scale = Limited Damage No casualties
    2- On Tuesday 12 Jan 2010 Haiti's earthquake 6.5 Richter scale = Wide area infrastructure damages and at least 200.000 casualties
    3- Lt.Gen. Ken “Commander of U.S... Southern Command” has been sent there
    With 100.000 soldiers in “American relief operation “before even UN move a muscle
    Hugo Chávez said it is all about USA earthquake experimental weapon, and Russia‘s Navy is watching and monitoring
    Someone with a wicked mind like me might say mini nuclear weapon with the ability of damage control area will be nature taming with a gift like shampoo 2 X1 , tricky hit without trace
    Next target may be Iran.... play by the book.

  6. @John,

    The writer didn't mean Rich countries literally. She meant Industrial Countries; because there are few rich countries that are not industrial.

    No one can argue that Big Industrial countries are behind the great changes in climate.
    It is not racist issue It's a matter of fact.

    If you think a minute, u'll find that you who were racist about that. And here's a test for you. BBC NEWS at July, 2009 wrote "Has the G8 done enough for the poor?" If u read u'll find "Wealthier Countries" Would you think that BBC is racist too? or not because they are not Arab? ;)

    I hope people stop blaming us for what they are actually, not us.

  7. This kind of paranoid conspiracy theorizing distracts from serious discussion of real issues that can actually be addressed, a good example being the later entry on Iraqi voting.

  8. Waheed Sayed:

    No one can argue that Big Industrial countries are behind the great changes in climate.
    It is not racist issue It's a matter of fact.

    hmm except senior scientists for climate studies at NASA ... like Roy Spencer

    Has the G8 done enough for the poor?
    Self-critical article is racist!! :D

    So again Zeinobia accused Western(rich) countries of having some responsibility in creation of earthquakes!!

    Black African nations caused earthquakes, states of the Arab league caused earthquakes ... sounds racist to me!

  9. The problem is that sometimes people who create a lie are the first to believe it.

  10. @John,

    I never thought I'd see the day where a caucasian Zionist complains about racism! I can't believe the nerve that some people have. Every single comment you have written on Zeinobia's blog so far reeks with racism towards Muslims, Arabs and North Africans. Newsflash: This is an Egyptian blog, written by an Egyptian woman, from an Egyptian perspective. Coming here and hurling racial insults at Z and her readers won't make anyone change their minds, it just reaffirms the fact that you are what you are, a White Zionist Racist!

  11. banoota:

    I love how you immediately realized my political denomination and race :)

    Could you please provide me few (at least 2) of those comments?

  12. Banoota:

    I understand that you may have a certain view against people who believe in Zionism. But what does being "caucasian" or "white" has to do with anything?


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