Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When Will Mubarak Return Back !!??

When will President Mubarak return back from Germany !!?? A question many Egyptians are currently asking especially with the persistence of the regime media that he is more than fine now. If he is fine and has restored his responsibilities as the head of the state , why has not he come back !!??
Al Masry Al Youm claimed today that he would return today and it was only matter of hours and the whole world will find him sitting either in Orba palace or the Jolie Ville resort in Sharm.
Al Dostor claimed today that he will return to Cairo after 48 hours.
Youm 7 claimed that Heidelberg hospital has not announced yet when the President can leave to his homeland based on a report in CNN
Heidelberg hospital itself has announced that the President will leave the hospital in the next coming days without giving an exact date
People are confused and again the rumors mill is running over and over especially that the physicians in Egypt are convinced that he did not have a benign in duodenum. Many doctors whether online or offline are referring to this dangerous surgery in Mubarak’s age fearing from its consequences on the country and on him too.
Already Nazif is packing his bags to join Al-Gaddafi circus and so technically the country in the coming days can be without a president or a prime minister officially.

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