Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Versus The Mubaraks

I have been waiting for this interview since ElBaradei had announced it in his twitter account. The interview is included in  this analysis by Christopher Dickey for Non Egyptians which surely will be translated and published in our press as if there is something in it we do not know. To be honest I like its headline : One Versus the Mubaraks , of course it would be more realistic if it were All Versus The Mubarak.

Now I did not follow much Dr. ElBaradei's news because I felt that I was showering you with his news too often but I can't keep myself now.

As you know ElBaradei is currently in the States where he will give a lecture about Nukes at Harvard and at the same time he is going to meet with the Egyptian community Boston , which is great. Already the regime did not stop talking about secret talks between ElBaradei and the American administration despite the denials of the later , of course nobody is asking about Gamal Mubarak's secret visits to the States nor his talks with the different administrations !!

The National front for Change has official branches in Europe , the Egyptian regime can stalk the Egyptians in the Gulf but can't do it in Europe or the States.

Now when Dr. ElBaradei returns back home ,he will visit insh Allah Upper Egypt , I am happy they chose Upper Egypt at the front , of course I hope that the front thinks about the personal safety of the man as I just fear that heavens forbid an idiot like El-Gol hires a thug like El-Kamoni to harm ElBaradei in order to please the regime !! Do not underestimate the stupidity of these creatures in NDP ,they are dangerous in their stupidity !!


  1. Do not underestimate the stupidity of these creatures in NDP ,they are dangerous in their stupidity !!

    that's very very right.

  2. stupid ppl are always dangerous


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