Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bahrain And UAE Hate ElBaradei Too !!

First it was Kuwait , now it is Bahrain and UAE too !!??
ElBaradei in the Gulf in 2007
Bahrain is reportedly all the essays supporting or praising in its press , I found this through twitter and I need confirmation thought. Moving to UAE the ANHRI is reporting that the regime has decided to ban a Pro-Baradei’s website , of course now people are wondering which website it is , I believe it is the Taghyeer website because it is one that people actually do something through.
Nothing yet about KSA or Oman up till now , of course Qatar is a like a haven for ElBaradei supporters thanks to the bad relations between Doha and Cairo but of course as soon as the ice is melt , the official branch of the front will be kicked off from Doha.
It does not matter really if the Bahraini regime bans the writers there to praise ElBaradei because this is an Egyptian internal issue , not a Bahraini issue the Egyptian community will know from the Bahraini media !!
Regarding the UAE ban , well I think using Proxies to end that stupid block on this website is much better than using proxies for sex websites.
Now I do not think that what is happening only is coordination and favor between Arab regimes but rather a panic precaution act , these regimes are afraid by their turn that this anger in the Egyptians would transfer to their own people.
Update : "14/4/2010"
The Website turned to be "Save Egypt Front" which is already down. I do not understand why they blocked it there when it is not blocked in Egypt !!??


  1. hello i like ur writing

    do u live in UAE coz their is an event for uae bloggers by LG so we want to invite if u r in dubai


    firas shabsough

  2. Dear Firas ,
    Thanks for the invitation but I live in Egypt :)


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