Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Sick Mubarak Is !!??

Last Thursday President Hosni Mubarak had his first public meetings with a couple of ministers in Sharm El-Sheikh , which officially has not replaced Alexandria only but also Cairo. A very short clip showed him having meetings with a group of ministers was aired in the news to prove that he is alive and fine.

The president in his ministerial meeting issued his usual labor day's raise decree , this year it is "10%" which everybody agreed that it is nothing comparing to escalating high prices of the market.

The official press thought did not tell us when he will come back to Cairo or when he will be able to meet other foreign presidents. Of course the Syrians seemed to be part of the game now and say that we should expect a very important and significant meeting between Mubarak and Al Assad JR with telling us also when.

When the French presidency says Sarkozy will delay his meeting with Mubarak because of the health conditions of the later in the month of May after two weeks !!

How sick Mubarak is so Sarkozy delays his meeting with him !!?? And why the regime media did not announce this despite France has announced it !!?


  1. perhaps he's dying..but that isn't really what matters.

    i've read several articles that omar sillyman is up for succession, since the military institutions will not tolerate someone not from within the army..which is a scary thought

    sillyman will be another army-head and a mere change of figure leaving no chance for democracy while the corruption will persist

  2. Wouldnt it be so funny if the rumor that Mubarak is in Germany or France turns out to be true and since traveling from-to Europe is largely suspended these days that would mean he cant even come back :D

  3. i dont think he's so sick i mean his son was in the zamalek and ahly match yesterday .. he wouldnt go if his father was dying .

  4. First of all thanks for visiting my new English blog dear.Hypatia= NourPharma= Akher ayam Elkhareef so that you do not get confused.

    second:I believe the more important question is :where are his recent promises of selecting a vice president?? We've seen nothing till now and it needn't physical effort to announce...!!!

  5. there was never a promise, it was a rumour leaked and controlled by the presidential office for whatever reasons they have.

    i don't think that's an important question, whoever is selected for vp.. under the amended constitution; he will not be automatically sworn-in after the incumbent president dies or impeached(yeah..right!), there will still be elections for a successor and if mubarak does choose a vp, that vp will not be running for office and the next-in-charge in the NDP will(you know who).

    even without elections, like the old days when the vp becomes instant president-, that's not what the people want(or so i hope) because that has nothing to do with democracy and the vp will naturally be another military figure..a continuation of the army rule.

    i think if he's considering a vp, it will prove a tough job..he won't assign the kiddo as that will be too obvious and will not be accepted by most. he can't afford a vp from the army..he can't trust the army into securing an easy way for the kid but in choosing a civilian, he has to be an the people don't get any 'ideas' but on the other hand the military elite will not tolerate a civilian vp..

    it's quite a dilemma for mubarak as any wrong decision will jeopardise his plans for his son

    what he doesn't know is that his son doesn't have any chance to become president. no one stands him besides the corrupted cronies and apparently the army-though mysteriously quiet- have their own covert plans.

    almost all analytic reporting you find on papers/online's mubarak/son or the brotherhood or elbaradei and forgetting about the army. anyone taking the egyptian army out of the equation is delusional or doesn't know anything about egypt.

    whatever happens in egypt, whether its true free elections or continuation of a farce will not happen without an agreement with the army. and the army clearly does not have the kid in their he absolutely has no chance.

    i've read several idiots claiming that elbaradei or moussa have no chance in hell in presidency and its taken for granted that the kid is the one; those have no idea how the system really works. in fact any candidate has much better chance than the kid..the army will do one of 2 things:

    1- secure a transition to free elections and end of mubarak regime, and they will accept a progressive 'wise elder' like b or moussa but they have zero tolerance to a corrupt capitalist idiot

    2- continue military rule through sillyman, either wait till shithead dies or they will simple topple him(they can do that in 24 hours if they want)


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