Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mark Your Calendars For The 2nd of May

1st of May is marked in our national calendar as the labor day , it is a national holiday where the president usually issues an annual presidential decree of a raise. This year the 1st of May is not that important not because it is coming on Saturday or because that raise which does not stand a chance in front of the increasing prices , it is not that important because it is 2nd of May that matters.
Mark your calendars for the 2nd of May because it is a date , a rendezvous for what it can be a history next Sunday.
If you are an Egyptian whether a blue-collar or white-collar , if you believe that it is unfair to have an official minimum wage LE35 for the past 26 years in 2010 , then please come and join other Egyptians on the 2nd May of 2010 at the sit-in and protest in front of the Egyptian Cabinet at Hussein Hegazy street. "You can see the address on the map below in the location feature"
Since 1984 the minimum wage in Egypt has been LE 35/$7 and only this year the administrative court has ordered the government to raise it and this is what many people want to raise the minimum wage in Egypt to LE1200.

It is not about blue collars but white collars in Egypt also should be there because when a teachers takes a salary of less than $100 per month then I should not expect that he will do his job as it should and this is just the tip of the ice-berg in Egypt.
Many people are going to attend this big event , yes big event from activists and also artists like : Khalid Abullah , yes the Khalid Abullah of Kite Runner , Khalid Abu Naga and Yousra El-Louzy.

You can find more videos for more activists here.
The sit in and the protest events will be aired online and you can follow that through this website : 21606
You can also support the sit it through a little twibbon on twitter avatar :)
I am waiting along with others to see what is going to happen next Sunday.


  1. Little Pharaoh4/26/2010 07:42:00 PM

    All nice intellectuals who definitely don't have to worry about a minimum wage. But all enjoy cheap household helpers, bawabs who work for a few gineih. They eat subsidized bread and their air-conditioned flats consume subsidized electricity.

    You will find lots of supporters if you demand a raise, but you need as well someone to pay the bill. As long as our economy survives on subsidy and not on quality and efficiency I have little hope.

  2. @ Little Pharaoh: which Egypt are you talking about exactly, Egyptian help and bawabs are not cheap at all BTW and at least those families cover up their medical and other expenses since the gov wont allow them to have a syndicate and refuses to give them any rights. Its not the fault of any one if he/she happens to have a good life but its your fault when you sit comfortably and do nothing while others are suffering so, instead of blaming those who decided to move from comfortable a/ced houses full of help and bawabs to support the demands of those fellow citizens who didnt have the same good life, tell us what have you done for them or do you only think and work for yourself, a trait that seems to be rampant among NDP supporters.

  3. I hope people would go out and join the sit in/protest since the Egyptians have nothing to loose! this regime need to listen to people! enuf is enuf, its time for a change!

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