Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mohamed ElBaradei's Word in Sammond

Here is the full of the word of Mohamed ElBaradei in Sammond , I am sorry for the bad quality but this is what I can find for the time being , I will be very thankful if someone uploads this to Youtube or any similar service. I forget to say that Al Jazeera Mubshar was the only channel as I recall to air the small speech on TV. Also this is the first public meeting for ElBaradei with the people. The video is hosted in the Facebook , still it is not private and you can see it below.

10 PM show has not aired the whole tour as the 6th April youth told us , of course we know why . Mona El-Shazely and her crew do not want to have clash more with the regime and its stupid NDP.

Here are also couple of videos I found from Mansoura.

This is another part of his word in Sammond , it was recorded by a mobile phone and as you can see it shows the attendance , this is what caught my attention.

The official media is still attacking ElBaradei and as I expected we have crossed the point of no return and the regime will use the religion gate to attack the man. Of course the regime men in the men have a golden opportunity to prove how loyal they are to the Mubarak regime. There is on going race between Mohamed Ali Ibrahim and Abdullah Kamal on who shall attack ElBaradei and his campaign more. Ibrahim has been the disgraceful winner up till now along with Al Gomhouria but let’s remember the fact that Kamal has a long experience in trashing of the regime’s enemies in the worst disgusting ways ever and let’s remember Gamila Ismail last year !! Mohamed Ali Ibrahim was over the moon yesterday , he dedicated his column to attack ElBaradei as usual along with his stupid “in brief column” . Al Gomhouria in its first page also published a small news trying to play with the religious beliefs of those who read the newspaper with that title :

The vice head of Al Azhar university : ElBaradei disrespects religions by mocking veil

In reference to the ElBaradei’s interview in Al Masry Al Youm and how he said his sisters do not wear the veil !! I will not even waste your time and mine firing back on these claims.

Now Abdullah Kamal has raised the bar today by suspecting the religious believes of ElBaradei and his family claiming that ElBaradei is using religion to come closer to the public. Strangely Rosa and Kamal are known for their secular views so I do not get why he is heading an inspection court session speaking about contradictions !!  Of course the attack did not stop at ElBaradei but it reached to the 6th April youth whom Rosa portrayed as thugs who enter Mosques with their shoes on and push ladies carrying their babies in the Mosques too !! Of course we have the videos proving otherwise. Rosa also did not miss the opportunity to highlight the Foreign Policy’s criticism to what it called “Mohamed ElBaradei sucking up to the Muslim brotherhood !!”. Of course Rosa has forgotten to mention that the one who wrote this essay is Ilan Berman , the neo-con Mideast expert !!

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