Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Night After The Easter

The newspapers have started to reveal more about the Easter Mass and those who attended in the Saint Marcus Church especially Dr.Mohamed ElBaradei. Not so surprisingly Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk have agreed that Pope Shnouda III had ignored ElBaradei in  very bad way where as Al Dostor said that Pope shnouda III saluted him again after the mass where people shouted his name.

Anyhow Al Masry Al Youm as usual on its way and strangely Al Shorouk has joined it in order not to make the regime more angrier where as Al Dostor is insisting on becoming Egypt's No.1 real opposition newspaper.

Without mentioning his name Al Ahram showed its readers on the first page , ElBaradei sitting beside American Ambassador Margret Scobey at the Cathedral to give the impression that ElBaradei is the U.S man !! It is disgusting and stupid for the following reasons :

1// ElBaradei had no choice on where he would be seated despite the fact that he should have been seated before the Christian ministers not at the far the right where he would be out of the cameras focus !!

2// Margret Scobey was the one who sat besides him for awhile , she replaced her seat with the one who was sitting besides ElBaradei. Of course I can't find a reason why she would do this except that this means unlike what our official media claims ElBaradei did not have any meeting with any American official since his return to Cairo.

3// Scobey did not sat till the end besides ElBaradei because the security agents asked her to return back to her seat and this is why we did not see ElBaradei besides her in the TV broadcast !!!!

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