Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Picture No Good News

Since the return of President Mubarak to Sharm El-Sheikh , we have not seen him for once in a still photo there. The president is recovering in Sharm El-Sheikh , so why we do not see him recovering like the previous times he was abroad from treatment !!

We understood that he is not fully recovered to meet other presidents but we do not understand why there is no photo showing him sitting in the garden in his pajamas or anything !!!

I hope that he is fine though recovering for real.


  1. how come ppl back home are not concerned about this, the majority that is. Everyday Im hearing or reading a new rumor, he's dead, hes not dead but hes sick again the cancer is back, hes sick again and was taken back to Germany, family is sending loads of their stuff to various locations in the World, he was diagnosed here in Egypt first and its cancer no its not cancer. Where is the truth? who is currently running the country?!

  2. I think it is Omar Soliman who is running the country

  3. One time I said it. The man has cancer pancreas by age, appearance and location of the tumor. One day you will say that I was right in my guess


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