Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Revolt of Necropolis

This is the result of appointing governors who do not know or understand or even care for the societies they will govern !! Most probably this will make headlines abroad after being twisted !!

Without any introduction the city of Akhmim  in Sohag has seen a huge revolt if I may describe it when thousands "Some say 15,000" attacked everything represented the government including the security forces in the Upper Egyptian city. Of course the security forces had to defend themselves in the most expected way : Using tear gas bombs , ironically the security forces are very keen in the Upper Egypt not to use the same level of violence they use in Cairo or Delta as we are talking here about the Wild Wild Upper Egypt !!

Akhmim's protest

The cause of this huge anger is that the governor of Sohag has banned any new burial activity in the old cemeteries beside ordering the transfer of those cemeteries from their current location at the ancient zone in the city to another new cemeteries at New Akhmim city.

As you can see in the city of Akhmim entry in Wikipedia , it is very ancient and full of historical treasures especially that there is a common belief that we know now as Akhimim is currently built upon another ancient city. It seems that the governorate sees the cemeteries have some sort of treasures  beneath them and this is why the governor issued his orders.

Now the people there are extremely angry not because they are against the transfer itself but because of the following :

1) The government will not let the people own the new cemeteries but rather it will grant them usufruct rights to the new cemetery !!!!!!!!!!!!

We Do not the other cemeteries

2) The governor has exclude the Christian cemeteries from this decision , the thing which produced a sectarian tension ended by a sad scene : People  attacked the archdiocese of Akhmim  , this is so sad but I blame the governor for all this !!

Already Sohag has the worst record of sectarian tensions between Muslims and Egyptians in the history of the country from couple of years ago. Ironically just last night regime TV hostess Lamis El-Hadidy aired an episode from Sohag to show the harmony between Muslims and Christians !!

Back to the governor and his decision , I think Mohsen El-Namai should admit his mistake and correct it quickly as much as possible before turning the matter in to a real sectarian division like the one that happened from couple of years before.

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