Saturday, May 29, 2010

Follow Gaza Freedom Flotilla live

You can watch the progress of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla live below here. Up till the moment of writing down these lines the flotilla has not reached yet to Gaza despite its arrival is expected today.

Israel is receiving the flotilla in its own way as usual by sending its navy forces to cut an attempt for breaking the siege.

Now in Egypt there is no news on the preparations in Al Arish despite it was announced from couple of days ago that Egypt will welcome the flotilla !! Anyhow Hamas' Ismail Hania said in passionate speech that Turkey is leading a change in the regional balances !! There is no need to guess what he meant.

Watch live streaming video from insaniyardim at


  1. What is the latest update?

  2. Hey! Israel said it was ready to transmit all the assistance on the ships to Gaza...and so did Egypt. No need for grandstanding. Much better to sit down and discuss peace.


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