Saturday, May 29, 2010

Follow Up : Inmate no.202130

Thanks to Egyptian Chronicles readers I found the recorders Dr. Usama Zaghloul in Hudson county jail , here it is.

Now these are the charges he is being accused of :

  1. Endangering Welfare of Children "2C:24-4"
  2. Abuse of Child {Neglect and Cruelty} "9:6-3"
  3. Sexual assault " 2C:14-2B"
  4. Aggravated sexual assault " 2C:14-2A"
  5. Terrorist threat charges "2C:12-3"

According to the second charge , he was accused of child abuse in specific neglect and cruelty and according to the description of the neglect charge he must have a custody of a certain child in front of the state

The third charge , sexual assault is a second degree crime with a maximum penalty up to 10 years in jail. Sexual assault is the legal term for rape in New Jersey and indicates a sexual penetration. The victim should be related to the accuser whether professionally or occupationally or custodian relations. He is being accused of raping a victim that is less than 13 years old.

The fourth charge , aggravated sexual assault the accuser should be related to the victim or has official has supervisory or disciplinary power over the victim. The penalty of the fourth charge is a first degree crime under the New Jersey law with a maximum penalty up to 20 years in jail.

Did he marry and have a family in the States without his family's knowledge !!?? The only son he has according to our knowledge is in Cairo and has never visited the States nor did he see his dad since he was a baby for once in person !! Did he marry in the States some woman with a child !!?? 

He was accused 6 times of terroristic threats charges and in New Jersey these charges are common and grave , he needs to have a lawyer

A good question asked by the readers in my previous post : Why have not we hear about this crime in the mainstream media especially with the Mid Eastern roots of Zaghloul !!??


  1. 'in New Jersey these charges are common and grave , he needs to have a lawyer'

    where do you get you facts!!!!!! I know you love to hate america zeinab but this is over the top!

  2. This is from the NJ laws websites , you can check the links dear to see them

  3. Just because he is Middle Eastern doesn't mean the media is going to report on the crime. Americans are not as racist as you believe. What is listed on the jail's website indicates something much less severe than what the Egyptian article had indicated earlier. It looks like there was only one child involved, not 16! That is a huge difference.

  4. I independently verified the information from NJ to be correct. Here are several comments;

    - The race of inmate is listed as ASIAN/PACIF ISLANDER (top right)! The false ethnicity as documented in the justice system makes tracking and identification of primary citizenship (and travel documents) almost impossible.
    - A defendant in a felony crime usually post a bail and remain free until sentencing. Yet, bail is denied if the defendant is a flight risk. Departing the country before trial will turn the defendant into a fugitive.
    - There are dozens and dozens of Egyptians accused, convicted and sentenced in similar crimes that are routine and never published in US or Egypt. Certain crimes of political nature are especially appealing to US media. Accusation of terrorist threat in this case is non-political (threat of using violence).
    - I don’t think any public opinion campaign will affect the outcome of this case. Aggravated sexual assault is proven via physical evidence, medical examination etc.
    - If convicted with this felony, the defendant is looking to serious time in jail, prolong probation and stigma of ‘sex offender’ for life.

  5. Thanks for the update/interesting...
    It is possible that he married in the US; second wife !!

  6. To Nadia’s 2 exclamation marks (!!):

    A second wife in US is extremely plausible. Marriage to US citizen is the number 1 venue to acquire residency status (some other venues are shocking to disclose!!!). It is easy to keep it secret since personal documents (ID, driver license, US passport) don’t contain a field for marital status, yet it is available for search in public records.

  7. I knew Osama Zaghlol from Jersey City, NJ. He was struggling like any new immigrant to the US. He worked in restaurants, deli stores, and the likes. If he had a green card, he would have better jobs and better income. I strongly believe that Osama zaghlol lied to his family in Egypt about his financial and social status in the US. He was barely able to pay his rent and food. The guy is well known in Arab community in Jersey City. Thanks


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