Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hend Rostom After 30 Years

She is being called Marilyn Monroe of the East still I believe if Norma Jeane had knew her and her life , she would have been more than glad to live in her shoes because after A wife's confession30 years Hend Rostom seemed to survive all the curses of stardom. The Queen of seduction as used to be called was wiser when she chose Hend Rostom , the human before the artist. Rostom left the cinema world to become a housewife and a mother. She left the stardom to stand besides her late husband DR.Mohamed Fiyad whom she calls as the love of her life. She also once said that she left the showbiz because she wanted the people to always remember her as the beautiful star not an old frustrated lady who refuses to admit that she is old.
Rostom has one daughter from her first marriage , Bassant who recalls how the woman that is called queen of seduction was very strict and conservative. Bassant now is a grandmother and living with her mother.
Back in late 1940s Rostom started her career in the Egyptian cinema as an extra despite being a daughter of a strict police general and a student in a French catholic school , she headed to work in the cinema because of her stepmother cruelty. The Pretty Azizayoung girl physical beauty made her a seduction icon in the Middle East that can’t be compared easily with anyone of the modern silicon valley girls.
Despite being a sex symbol Rostom made fine roles like for instance in “Word of honor”, “The nun”, “Shafika , the copt” , “Aziza , the pretty”  and “fight over the Nile” besides of course her unforgettable role in “Cairo station” with Youssef Chahin. Nobody hates Rostom in her comedy roles like in “Ibn Hamido” or in “Husband’s confession”. For sure her physical gifts made the directors corner her in specific roles but she tired to revolt on this from to time like in “Word of honor” and “The escape from heaven”.  Her roles as sexy villainess were also unforgettable , who can forget her role as the stepmom seeking revenge in “Sleepless” !!??
In beautiful surprise and scoop Mahmoud Saad made an short interview with Hend Rostom from couple of weeks ago in her house. This is the first interview with Rostom from 30 years.She is old for sure but like an old flower she has this beautiful smell.

By the way I have got that photo from her meeting with Abbas El-Akad, she was dazzling wearing a white fur and a black dress. I will search for it and scan it , this should be shared.
This is my favorite Hend Rostom scene from “Love rumor” with Omar El-Sherif , Youssef Wahbi, Abdel Manam Ibrahim , Adel Haikel and new sweet star then Soad Hosni “It is translated folks”
This scene was from the best scene Omar El-Sherif has ever done in his life.


  1. I really love your post ....!!!! but please note that this is not her first interview : the first was on Nogoom FM last Valentine's Day .I wrote about it here.

  2. Allah, Allah, Allah, yes Hend Rostom! Allah ya barak fiki for writing about this exceptional lady. It was a delight to see her again, indeed for the first time 'in the flesh'. I want to tell you something, a truism if you will. When I first began to learn Arabic I would spend long days in a cafe in Tora watching Rotana Classic and she is perhaps the only actress who could stop the hagag playing their! There is no comparison, for me, between her beauty and that of Monroe. Rostom could just flutter her eyelashes and a million male hearts across the Middle East would beat faster. It is a shame to hear her smoky voice today (too many cigarettes!), but her pleasure when she greeted the presenter was palpable...a really nice lady ahsan nas! Thank you for sharing this

  3. What a wonderful gift you gave us! Such a nice and talented lady, and such a great elegant time of beautiful and great days of wonderful Cairo. Thank you, thank you thank you!


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