Sunday, May 23, 2010

London Taxi in Giza

I was in Mohendessin trying to cross the street when I saw coming in my way from two week , a strange black car coming in to my way , it looked familiar but I could not make any connection due to the very hot weather but sooner when it passed me and I saw that sign , I remembered that this was a London Taxi !!

To be honest it did not caught my attention only but the attention of all those in the street who wanted to know what is and what brand this car is , of course all of us in the street did not know that the London Taxi service is currently operating in Egypt. I tried to find more information about the LTI service in Egypt but I could not , if my dear reader has any link to any thing , I will be more than thankful for sharing.

I always like the London taxi and surely they will add more to the taxi carnival in our streets from the old black & White to the Yellow city Cab to the White taxi ended to the new Ladies only pink taxi which I read that someone is trying to bring to Egypt. If you ask me I prefer the London taxi over this stupid useless pink taxi.

By the way if we are going to import taxis from abroad , why can't we have these funny yellow taxies aka coca-taxi in our coastal cities like in Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh.

Of course this post would have been great if it would have enriched by a shot for the London taxi in our Egyptian street if I had not been too lazy to get my mobile phone from my bag but you have to excuse me , it was so hot and I wanted to return back home as soon as possible.


  1. Why didn't you stop it to run away from hot weather & go home :D

    Good luck next time :)

  2. The London Cab, is not a Taxi service its now operating as a shuttle service From and To Cairo Airport. To use the London Cab Please call 19670

    Sixt rent a car
    London Cab operating Company.

  3. @Z "Ladies only pink taxi" That's sexist!

  4. This is really interesting blog you posted and you shared your experience very beautifully. Thanks a lot for all this.


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