Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pray As You Want , No Human Lives Forever

It is an old news : the Israelis are scared on the health of Mubarak but will their prayers to the rais be accepted !!? They know that he will not live forever or even worse he could be an ex-president by a revolution or a coup.

The Iranian example of the Shah is hunting the Israelis and they believe that the American administration will stop any one they dislike from taking over the throne of Egypt, I am afraid it is not up to them nor to the Americans especially now.

Let the Israeli government fears the Muslim brotherhood despite they likely will not rule insh Allah for many reasons the brotherhood knows very well. I just hope both the Americans and the Israelis back off from what ever is going to happen in Egypt because the Egyptians are reaching to a point of no return in their anger according to many indicators.

Israel claims to be the oasis of ultimate democracy in the Middle East where as it does not wish for Southern neighbor to have a real democracy , is not this selfishness !!??

By the way did you notice the part where it says Bibi does not want to remind the world that Mubarak is participating willingly in the siege of Gaza !!


  1. Unfortunately Egypt has and never will experience democracy as indicted by its history.
    Recent history indicated a socialist dictator helped by the Soviet Union followed by two Capitalist dictators assisted by the Us.
    Next phase will be a dictator from the military ranks supported by the West or a Iran type religious fanatic dictator supported by radicals.
    Please point to me a period when Egypt was a true democratic state......never.
    I wish Egypt the best!

  2. ولاد الكلب.. بقى هم اللي عمالين يدعوا له كل ده؟ ما داهية يا زوزو يكونوا السحار بتوعهم عاملين له عمل عشان يبقى زي الحصان كده غير العمل بتاع المحبة والقبول اللي عاملينهوله من زمان

  3. Believe me Z that we are not praying for Mubarak (you shouldn't rely so much on the Communist Haaratz). We will never pray for any Nazi Arab or Muslim leader who wants to massacre us and invade us, and we really don't care who rules Egypt, as long as Egypt doesn't start any monkey business with us, believe me we are in no mood for playing games. And if Egypt DOES start any nonsense with us, like Nasser did, it will be tought a lesson it will never forget.

  4. Who fears more the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptians or Israelis??? Interesting question.

  5. I agree with anon #1. Egypt will never have democracy until Egypt somehow manages to produce a large number of citizens who want it. So far, I think I've seen one on the blogosphere who qualifies and it's not you, Zeinobia :)

    Maybe you're the one who should be haunted by the shah. Everything you said in this post and in many others sounds exactly like the wishful thinking that Iranians were full of in the late 1970s. And Iranians were a lot more culturally advanced back then than Egyptians are now.

    Maybe you think it'd all be worth of as long as you get another regional war though, eh? Or maybe a war against a global power next time? Isn't that what Egypt needs to fix all its problems? ;)

  6. Zeinab

    you are doing a good job and getting a lot of feedback from friends and even more attention from our enemies.

    Egyptian in USA

  7. Egyptian in USA, I'm glad you noticed that Zeinobobia thinks in terms of friends and enemies. Her taunting of Israelis about how unhappy they are going to be when Mubarak is gone is pretty clear evidence that she wants Egypt to war on Israel at the least, and to war on the US by extension. She probably won't admit to that straight out, but there's no particular reason the Israelis should care who is President of Egypt as long as he/she abides by the peace treaty. Zeinobia obviously thinks Egypt's next President won't, and thinks that's a good thing.

  8. @Anonymous , actually Egypt experienced democracy in pre-1952 coup despite some may see it as a short experience still it proved that Egyptians can live in democracy.

    لا هم عملوا عمل لشعب المصرى علشان تعجيزه

    @Joel , Shut up

    @Expat , I think the Israelis fear the MB more.

    @Programmer Craig , you assume that I want war with Israel despite I do not know , you assume that I do not want democracy in my country despite I have been blogging for democracy in my country for years because I demand a regime that cares only for the best interest of my country and my people not a regime that serves the interest of other country
    Anyhow if I am so annoying to you , why do you follow my blog ??

    @Egyptian in USA , thanks I notice that lately , it is great thing to know that I hit on their nerves

  9. Zenobia said "actually Egypt experienced democracy in pre-1952 coup despite some may see it as a short experience still it proved...."
    Pre-1952 under British occupation and and an ineffective, corrupt Albanian King....You must be joking...right?

  10. I am not joking my dear , you can actually go and read the real history books about this era to know what I mean
    King Farouk was a patriot Egyptian king by the way

  11. Z why should Israel fear the MB if we've kicked their military wings's (Hamas, IJ, Qaeda) ass in Operation Cast Lead? And I should add that they aren't good fighters. On most occasions in encountering the IDF they fled and prefared not to confront the IDF. So I think Egypt is the one to fear the MB. Which brings me to my next q: why do you fear your own Atab-Muslim "brothers" so much?

    And I'll say it again: no one cares who rules that useless pile of garbage called Egypt (or any other Arab country for that matter). Do you get that?


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