Saturday, May 8, 2010

Right In Time Monsieur ElBaradei !!

Mubarak has launched another attack on Mohamed ElBaradei specifically in his labor day speech when he warned "those with the slogans" from manipulating with the people in that critical time , we all know that he meant ElBaradei more than anyone.

Well ElBaradei accidentally has fired back on his biggest political opponent in advance ever when Paris Match published an interview with him last Monday May 3,2010.

Already that Paris Match's correspondent in Cairo , David Le Bailly did that interview with ElBaradei in his villa at Al Ahram when the later was in Cairo.

You can read the original interview here in French and its translation here in English. 

I just hope that ElBaradei does hit on religion in Western media too often because again and again this is among the weapons the regime will use against him perfectly and we have seen this already thanks to the Salafi icons attack on him. Another thing this cosmopolitan Egypt which are all proud of and miss can be used against him in this Egyptian chauvinist atmosphere the regime is feeding.

Back to what I like in this interview :

We talk about Mubarak's son, Gamal, to succeed him ...
Secretary-General Gamal is the majority party. He will lead the same policy as his father. This has led us to fail.

Father and Son = Failure , losers , Fail…etc

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