Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Police Brutality Victim

It is not about Khalid Said , it is about the Police and security forces treatment to the Egyptian Civilians especially from the middle and working classes.
Here is another Police brutality victim : Hamda Abdel Latif from Alexandria whose spinal cord was crashed by the hands and shoes of security forces in 2008.
I know the incident is old but it is not late to speak about this incident especially when we have a video for the brutal attack.
Abdel Latif is a parent who did nothing wrong in his life except admitting his children in to a school the regime closed because it was following the Muslim brotherhood according to them. On the doomed day he went with his family to that school after receiving a telephone call from its administration informing him that it was re-opened. At the school he found police forces refusing to let them in along with other students and parents , sooner things got uglier and the police forces attacked the parent in front of their kids !! Abdel Latif was attacked and injured badly ,he had a bad spinal cord injury leading to his paralysis. You can see a video clip showing the attack below

The video includes the testimonies of his wife and his daughter who witnessed the attack. You can read his story at the Muslim Brotherhood official website.Hamda Abdel Latif is paralyzed now and there is no justification for this at all. This is not a MB issue despite my all respect and admiration that they did not leave Abdel Latif but this should be highlighted by all of us because Abdel Latif can be your father or your son or your brother.
This treatment should be stopped and just like the official media loves to reminds that the Police officers and agents are our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons , I hope it reminds the MOI and its officers that we are sisters and brothers as well ; in fact they should be reminded that we are living creatures.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ..this is my only comment

  2. The people has to be armed in the face of this organized violence and terrorism by the police forces. The perpetrators of these crimes have to be brought to justice. Personally, I am hopeless of the peaceful activities. If these violators are targeted by the 'vigilante', others will have second thoughts committing the same crimes

  3. After today's 2nd report about Khaled I think this is it. I dnt think im speaking for my self only when i say Ive lost all faith in prosecutors, judges and about every official entity in this country along with most of the media outlets. I think this is the breaking point for our generation. I also think since peaceful means arent bringing any changes more young Egyptians will feel that organized under ground groups are the only way left to bring change to this country since the current president is selfish and those around him are trying to protect themselves and keep our looted country under control.


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