Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At Last Someone From the Witnesses Speak

The murder of Khaled Said happened in the street and many people have witnessed it , some of them dared and spoke to the media while other were scared and waited to testified in front of the general persecutor. I think among the later was the porter of the building where late Said was killed.

The porter of the building where Khaled was killed

According to he said the agents killed Khaled and they brought a police officer and also a doctor when he seemed to be dead , the doctor confirmed that he was dead after that they covered him with a piece of cloth and waited for the ambulance to come and take him.

As you can see the man himself is scared to stand at the entrance of building for fear the police knows he has spoken to the media or to someone with a video camera.

After knowing the crime , there were rumors that people have already filmed the crime when it was happening on their mobile phones and that police was searching for these videos warning the people there from uploading to the internet. I do not know how correct these rumors are but I hope from the bloggers and activists in Alexandria to search and dig for these videos and to try to convince their owners that its upload to the internet will not harm them.

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  1. Police brutality has become a daily routine in Egypt against simple and good Egyptian citizens…First we must pay attention that officers and especially the low rank cops don’t have enough education. And very much it’s an under paid job. The Minister of Interior needs a total overhaul as well as the Egyptian regime …They must be very selective on their recruiting and the hiring decisions on who can protect and respect the citizens of this country….Stop hiring the low class with minimum to non education to carry on your dirty missions.. Nat


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