Monday, June 7, 2010

The Best Thing Ever Said About Gamal Mubarak

In a very interesting and rare interview former Princess Nevine Halim of Mohamed Ali Royal Family said the following while answering a question about her opinion in the recent talk about hereditary in Egypt and whether it reminds her with the Royal family in Egypt   :
    I support whomever  makes Egypt better , the problem is that Gamal Mubarak is grumpy all the time , Amr Moussa has become an old man and El Baradei has been living abroad all the time and does not know any thing about Egypt
Of course I have to disagree with her regarding Mohamed ElBaradei as the man proved to know about Egypt's problems more than anyone in the current regime but I agree with her highness that Gamal Mubarak does not know the meaning of the word : SMILE.
He is always grumpy and has this poker face which makes you sure that he will lose the hearts of the Egyptians before their mind. His facial expression and body language indicate huge self esteem to the level of arrogance accompanied with bad temper and fear from being unaccepted. Anyhow the interview of the princess who recently published her memories "Diaries of an Egyptian Princess" in English and Arabic thanks to Bibliotheca Alexandria shows a very  kind transparent person just like I once was told about her. Princess Nevine had one TV interview with Amr Adib , of course I wish to see her with someone else like for instance Mona El-Shazely or Tarek Habib.
Knowing the history of her father Nobel Abbas Halim I will not be surprised if he would choose ElBaradei or even Hamdeen. Abbas Halim by far was the most interesting character in the Royal Family in the 20th century for his radical views and actions like for instance supporting the labor's rights and fighting in the WWI and WWII , the man already was jailed in WWII for supporting the Nazi , he had meetings in the famous Cars club to plan for the future of Egypt when the Nazis would reach Cairo and once Prime minister El-Nahas had confiscated his Nazi formal suite in its way to the laundry service !!
I want to say something that some especially from my dear Egyptian Neo-Royalists will not like ,I believe the Mohamed Ali Family lost a lot by isolating the generation of Princess Nevine and Princess Ferial may Allah bless her soul from the real Egypt and appointing Foreign nannies and tutors to educate them for the future. That generation is by far was a victim to both their parents who did not know that life can't be taken for granted especially after the WWII and the coup of 1952 that was just doing what new regimes and eras do from slaughtering the previous ruling dynasties whether physically or emotionally. Time was changing then and that isolation even in European Royal families began to fade away ; anyhow this isolation is still there in the Egypt and Arab world , the royal ruling families whether Presidential or royal.
Here is below a complete set of rare photos for the Halim branch of Mohamed Ali Royal Family "Photo courtesy : Dr. Ahmed Kamel"

Here is also a nice video slide show from Nisf El-Donia magazine showing the Princess' palace in Alexandria.

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  1. the guy really needs to loosen up a bit on us. seriously, never seen his tensed face smilling, except when he is chanting/jumping after a football game.

  2. So basically what you and Helen Thomas say is that you deny Israel's existence in any borders - 1967 or 1948 or whatever? Then you just prove Israel's point, that Arab do not want some lands, but all lands and there is no room for 2 states solution at all.

  3. woooow...!!!!where do you find these interesting things???

  4. @anonymous , I think he should head the football federation then

    @Ксения Светлова, I think the Arabs were the first to accept the 2 states solution , what Thomas has said is just a fact dear

    @Akher Ayam , :)


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