Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flotilla Follow Up : You Asked For An Evidence And Here It Is

Because some thought that the flotilla activists were bluffing when they said that they got new footage and pictures showing what happened on the Mavi Marmara that the IDF did not confiscate.
Democracy Now had an exclusive interviews yesterday with Australian Journalists Paul McGeough and Kate Geraghty from Sydney Morning Herald who showed photos from MV Samond never seen before. You can watch the interview below.

You can see that Geraghty was moved with her experience.
Today Democracy Now had another exclusive interview earlier today with film maker and activist Iara Lee. Lee managed to film footage from that long bloody night on Mavi Marmara , I do not know she hided that footage but thank God for that. Lee showed excerpts from the footage on Democracy promising to release the whole footage in the United Nations today at 4 EST to the world. You can watch her interview below.

You can see the whole footage in her website "Culture of resistances"
Also today I found footage from Turkey for IDF soldiers , the video description says it shows the murder of late American Turkish Furkan , of course I can't be sure of that still it shows the IDF heroes kicking and shooting somebody in international waters
Israeli soldiers believed to be killing 19 years old Furkan
Oh and the photo the Israeli media was spreading since day for whom they claimed to be an activist on the flotilla turned to be a Yemeni lawmaker who was showing his famous Yemeni ceremonial dagger to the foreign reporters in the flotilla !! I do not have doubt that this photo was taken from confiscated cameras in the flotilla to be used.
More international journalists and reporters began to talk more and more about that night of horror , of course Israeli media is claiming that they are terrorists , mercenaries ,thugs…etc
You can find here more testimonies at this Youtube Channel 
One thing for sure I learned from the flotilla case , Gaza and the Palestinian cause in general are no longer an Arabic or Islamic issue , it has become an international issue and we should act accordingly.


  1. Hello Zeinobia,

    Perhaps the following links will help provide more information:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Again!

    Oops, sorry I see that you have already mentioned these videos.

    Perhaps you can delete my previous post.

  3. @anonymous, thanks for the links , I forgot to search on the youtube

  4. "...of course I can't be sure of that still it shows the IDF heroes kicking and shooting..."

    No, it doesn't. There's no weapon being fired in that video. Not the conspicuous absence of a muzzle flash. Which in the dark would have been VERY obvious, as anyone who has ever fired a weapon could tell you.

    " international waters"

    I think it's already been brought to your attention that Israel was within its rights to board and search vessels engaged in blockade running. Regardless of territorial waters.

    Every post about this that you make, you have to resort to telling more lies to try to justify your version of events.


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