Monday, June 14, 2010

Follow Up : The Terrible Convicted Con

The official media has made out of Khalid Said the most worst criminal in Egypt whom we should thanks heaven that he does not walk on earth anymore !! This is of course besides his pseudo escape from the army mandatory service which was proven to be a big lie. 
Al Gomhouria's Mohamed Ali Ibrahim as usual wrote a very provoking Op-ed today attacking and insulting yesterday's protest calling it a "Sit in for a pot head" !! It is not surprising from one like him thought.
Khalid and his mother
Even if he were a convicted con , a pot head and sex offender that does not give the police agents the right to kill him in that way. I do know why the MOI is twisting the rights , already we have many questions about the statement which the official media is repeating day and night  :
  1. Do the police plain clothed agents have the right to search other citizens !!?? If No which is the answer then why they were searching the people !!??
  2. Was there an official investigation warrant issued to search anyone in that street !!??
  3. How did those agents know that Khalid was a dangerous con !!??
  4. If we believe the MOI statement , shall we wonder how Khalid knew that two men walking in the street in plain clothes were actually police agents !!??
Moving to that video clip that is believed to be the reason behind Khalid's murder , the MOI stated to Dream TV2's 10 PM that nothing wrong in that video , the police officer and his force were celebrating after the arrest of a drug dealer , we got questions too :
  1. Why were the drugs packets in the officer's office ?? Should not they be kept away safely before moving them to the prosecution office !!??
  2. Why was the officer counting money in the video ??
  3. Why was the officer to friendly to the agents unlike the usual officer-agent relation !!??
One of Khalid's friend has posted online what can considered the last video for Khalid alive.
Before his murder Khalid Said
According to what I see he loved music , he seems to be a music geek in his own and to my humble info that contradicts that troublemaker persona the MOI claims !! 
Here is a clip from a show called "Misr Station" on Modern TV which unfortunately I do not watch at all. This clip includes phone call with Khalid's mother who denied the allegations of the MOI that
Khalid's Mother : My son does not use drugs
I have to highlight the coverage of that show on that channel , honestly I wished to see that coverage on Dream TV2 but I was mistake. Now Mrs. Laila revealed that some people actually filmed the brutal attack on Khalid in the area , I hope that they upload it online because they are more important evidence to the case. 
Many people are comparing between the incident of Khalid and the anger it generated with the incident of that Greek teenager , we are not hot tempered like the Greek but in general I believe this incident made the people more vocal against the Mubarak and you know that a lot of pressure produces explosion.


  1. "Sit in for a pot head"

    what does this mean???

  2. Egypt is becoming more and more a police country. Khaled died by two police officers's torture. He was begging for help. The neighbors were watching and were too afraid to help. If anyone helped, their fate would be like his.

    What do you call a country where citizens are terrorized by their own police and are too afraid from them?

  3. Z, is it true that another man died in Naser police station this week?! Could you please check on this story and find out what is it all about? If its true ppl should know, this man and all those who suffered before deserve the same support that Khaled and his family are getting. I feel ashamed, we are all responsible one way or the other we let so many of them down before until it became normal for the police to behave as thugs and criminals


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