Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Ignore Him

Magady El-Gald has published a two parts interview with Adel Emam where the later as usual fascinated us with his political ignorance and arrogance. From calling ElBaradei an opportunist scientist to his constant reminder of how great Gamal Mubarak is , Emam did not leave anything that he did not speak about.

Of course Egyptians online and also offline did not like what he said , especially his attack on ElBaradei that was highlighted in the FrontPage headlines of Al Masry Al Youm. People wondered what Emam will be if Dr. ElBaradei is an opportunist !!??

Again and again I speak about Emam and his political statements , the thing which I should not do anymore because that is what Emam wants : He wants the media and the people to keep speaking about him over and over. Emam wants to be in the spotlight as long as he can , he knows that he is no longer the super star of cinema and thus he is trying to gain more time on the stage through controversy as simple as that. He is the clown who does not make us laugh anymore and here I do not consider the word 'clown' as an insult , on the contrary despite my fear from clowns I respect their art.

I used to say that if I believe in freedom of expression , I must respect his views but I just can't do it anymore !!

I believe the best way to deal with Emam is to ignore him totally and this is why I did not post any link to his interview. Believe me if we ignore him , he will know his real size .


  1. i never liked him and I found him not funny at all though I dont speak Arabic but I loved watching old movies and dramas. I could still laugh again and again watching Ismail Yassin and so many that I dont know their names but not Him!

  2. I was never a big fan of Imam and I find Said Saleh despite all his not so good commercial movies still a much better actor and comedian.

    Imam is free to choose which side to support and to dislike El Baradie but his explanation and some of his recent comments about El Baradie and other issues make him sound like an informant. He shows up when needed out of an inaccurate believe buy those who are trying to protect the regime, that Imam is still respected by the Egyptians. The worst thing is when a person realizes at his old age that what he though to have achieved is nothing and this once respected facade fell off and ppl could see his ugly soul for real. I think this applies to Mubarak as much as it applies to Imam, in their old age they left no legacy, and will be remembered as examples for those who prevailed at one of the worst times in the history of the country.

  3. @anonymous , I believe Emam's stardom or comedy came from the decline of real comedy writers whether in theater or films , it is enough to know that all his plays are remakes for El-Rihanny's remakes and his films are taken from foreign films

    @anonymous#2 unfortunately both of them have achieved something yet with these actions to force people forget these achievements


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